My Batman Sleeping Bag from 1989!

A couple summers ago the term "polar vortex" crept into everyone's vocabulary for seemingly the first time. Thanks to that weird weather phenomenon we got to spend a couple weeks in the middle of July walking around in hoodies, enjoying an unseasonably cool temperatures.

This year I've heard nary of mention of a "polar vortex" causing our current cold spell, but it more or less feels exactly like what we experienced last year!

If it sounds like I am complaining, I assure you that I am not. I love this type of weather. Its been sort of chilly. Sort of rainy. The perfect weather to kick back with a cup of hot chocolate and relax with a few old horror flicks. Sort of like a mock preparation for the coming Halloween Season!

Do you know what else this weather is good for? Blankets! Lots and lots of blankets. Which got me thinking about one particular item that I've held onto for years.

Vintage Batman Sleeping Bag!
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Behold! Probably my oldest and best of friends, I present to you my Batman Sleeping Bag from 1989!

Yes, I researched and found the date that this was originally produced. Thank you Google. 

And make no mistake about it, I've had this sleeping bag since 1989 and it shows. It is old, faded, kind of gross, and the underside is tore up to the point that I am pretty confident if it made one more trip through the washing machine it would vaporize and simply cease to exist.

And I will never toss it!

I have to many memories of late nights spent turning this blanket into makeshift forts, using it as a backdrop for huge staged battles with various action figures, or staying up late and watching "Tales from the Crypt" wrapped up in Batman's protective orange ummm... blanket fiber?

To you this may be some cruddy looking old sleeping bag but for me this is my childhood and I plan on holding onto this blanket from now until the end of time.

I've always been bad at writing transitions so fuck it, look for Episode #002 of "THAT Nerdcast!" sometime tomorrow. We discuss the film JURASSIC WORLD and nerd out about Star Wars Battlefront.

Beyond that I have a post about popsicles scheduled for early July. Folks, if we are going to enjoy the summer months the time is right now... before long it is going to be all ghosts and goblins with a healthy dose of Santa mixed in. 


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