Saturday, January 17, 2015

Welcome to 2015!

Happy Holidays? Opps. Christmas is over and I sort of forgot to write about it. 2014 was a weird season for me, I went from being temporarily unemployed to back in the work environment in early November. That basically zapped most of my holiday season.

Not that I had much holiday spirit to begin with. Something about this year just didn't click for me. Usually I am sitting here typing up posts about how fast the holidays went and how I'd love to roll the clock back a couple weeks and indulge in the seasons sights and sounds all over again.

This year? Not even the slightest inkling of those feelings. Honestly, I am glad to see the stores move on from the season. I really am. Bring on something different and something new. Whatever junk happens between now and Halloween 2015 is exactly what I want to write about before finding the proper motivation to tackle the next holiday season.

In other news, I purchased a Nintendo Wii U a few days ago. Expect the next article that I publish to be all about that system (and how great it is!).

See you all soon!

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