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Comic Book Collection!
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I love Flea Markets. I really do. Even if eBay has taken 90% of the "spark" out of them you can still occasionally find good deals on vintage crap. Like these old X-Men / X-Force (and one Robocop vs. Terminator!) comics that I picked up today.

Everything you see here was purchased for $10... technically, it was $10 for first five books and he tossed in a free comic of my choice from his "junk dump bin". So naturally I picked up the Robocop vs. Terminator book. It had the most badass cover I could find without spending another twenty minutes sorting through his stuff

Here is a quick rundown of the titles I snagged:
  • -- X-Men: At The Hands of Omega Red
  • -- X-Force: Domino Revealed
  • -- X-Force: Issue #1 Trading Card (Deadpool Card)
  • -- X-Force: The Blood Hunters!
  • -- X-Men: 1st Omega Red Issue
  • -- Robocop versus Terminator
I'm extremely happy with this haul. I don't purchase comics to resell them later, I buy them because I love collecting comic books. I have ever since I was a kid, but living in central Iowa it was always difficult to find them.

We had one local pharmacy that would stock them but I don't think they had any sort of subscription because they'd really vary from week to week on what they'd get. Sometimes you'd get like main numbered X-Men comics... other times it would be those strange single issue stories where the X-Men fight Dracula for some reason.

Honestly, it didn't really matter. I'd buy whatever I could whenever I could. The only downside was that I very rarely got to read a story from start to finish. The titles would be so sporadic that you'd get one book in the middle of a series and have no idea what came before it or what happened after it.

So most of the time I just made up my own fiction and acted out what I thought would happen next with whatever combination of action figures I had at the time. Lots of battles involving Wolverine and Donatello taking on hand-me-down Masters of the Universe toys and rouge generic dollar store figures (I always used cheap figures like that as bad guys).

Like I said, I'm pleased with what I got. For me it is not about the "value" of the books... its about loving the old artstyle and story of these early 90's X-Men books that essentially defined my childhood.

In other news, look for some more Christmas articles early next week as well as a few other pieces that are... not necessarily Christmas but I think you'll all enjoy them just the same.