Monday, November 10, 2014

Be Thankful For The McRibb's Return!

McRibb 2014!
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I associate very few items with Thanksgiving. It's pretty much "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and McRibb sandwiches. Admittedly that is a strange combination of stuff. But ultimately... it's not my fault.

We (and by we I mean all the big corporations that control America) have essentially turned Thanksgiving into Christmas Jr. Even the big marquee event of the day, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, ends with Santa Claus showing up and announcers giggling with delight over how many shopping are left until Christmas Eve.

McRibb 2014!
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That is somehow meant to be a prelude for a seasonal sandwich from McDonalds. My mind tends to wander from topic to topic sometimes. Look, squirrel electric potato muffins. Because you know.

Anyhow, McRibb's are legitimately really great. Even if you don't eat McDonalds, I really feel like this is the one exception you should make to that rule.

They cost a little more than they should. The sauce gets all over everything. It's impossible to eat in the car. But they are addictive. Highly addictive. I don't know what kind of mystery meat is crammed into the McRibb, and quite frankly I don't ever want to know. There is a reason why they give you the option to purchase a second sandwich for only $1 ... nobody can eat a single McRibb. Nobody.

Perhaps my favorite part is how fast the sandwich comes and goes. It's like right after Halloween the McRibb suddenly pops back up but it only lasts until just after Thanksgiving. You get more or less a month to enjoy it and then its back into hibernation.

Because of this release schedule I've formed a connection between the McRibb and Thanksgiving. I don't know if that was ever intentional or not but I'm positive that I cannot be the only one who associates "post Halloween depression" and "pre December madness" with McRibb's and Thanksgiving Day Parades.

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