2014 Coca-Cola Christmas Cans!

2014 Holiday Coke!
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Rejoice! The Coca-Cola Polar Bears are gone and Santa Claus has finally returned! It's been three long years in the making but the Coke Gods have finally bestowed upon us a true holiday can for the 2014 Christmas Season!

It all started in 2011 when Coke partnered up with the WWF and gave us white Coke cans with Polar Bears on the side for that holiday season. Because this is 'merica people got confused with regular Coke being sold in white cans (white is typically reserved for Diet Coke) and everyone pitched a fit.

2012 seen essentially the exact same can released again, only with a flipped color scheme. It made no sense and ruined Christmas. I am not being sarcastic.

So naturally for 2013 Coke gave everyone a gigantic middle finger and released another variation of the same Polar Bear can. It was at this point that I hunted down and murdered a family of Polar Bears in protest.

2014 Christmas Coke!
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Well, it pleases me to finally report that at long last the Polar Bears have been temporarily retired and Santa's holly-jolly fat ass is back. I spotted a big display of these at my local grocery store and as soon as I seen Santa on the cardboard box, I knew this was going to be something special.

The design on this years can is really good. You have the classic "Coca-Cola" text sprawling along the top of the can and Santa... arms stretched presenting a bottle of Coke sporting a green bow.

Speaking of Santa, he looks like he's gone on a bit of a diet. Perhaps a sign of the times and the current climate of soft drinks in the country (whose sales continue to slide as people realize that drinking 18 galls of Coke a day probably isn't the wisest choice). Needless to say, he looks a bit... healthier this season.

And all things considered I am alright with a slimmed down Santa. He still has that classic "Coke Santa" look, which looks less like a drug dealer than how I just described it.

Perhaps my only complaint is that it's missing  the "Holiday 2014" text on the side of the can. That has been regulated to the cardboard box... and to let's be perfectly honest, nobody keeps old soda boxes.

Mountain Dew Pitch Black!
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... wait, scratch that last thought. I do keep old soda boxes.

We are just starting to take the wrapping paper off the 2014 Christmas Season... but the way things are going it is already looking like we are in store for a pretty historic season!


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