2014 Christmas Colors and My Computer Desk?

Happy Holidays everyone and welcome to the 2014 Christmas Season here at The Astro Lounge. I went shopping yesterday, expecting to find some good Halloween deals and came back largely empty handed. I scored absolutely nothing save for a few scattered food products that I bought mostly because I need to consume every last bit of Halloween otherwise I will get depressed.

Instead of sifting through the last remaining bits of Halloween's corpse... instead I found myself in the middle of Christmas. Every shelf in every store was filled with images of Santa and his reindeer. No use fighting it, the Christmas Season has officially arrived.

To kick things off let's take a look at my computer desk and how I got it festive as fuck for 2014.

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This is a rare glimpse into a space that I consider to be my ultimate personal zone. My computer desk is my area. If it is messy it is because I want it that way. I work from here. I create from here. I communicate from here. This is my spot and I usually don't like to let other people in.

But it's the holiday season and the time for giving and all that bullshit. So let's take a closer look at what I have setup.

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Over on the left hand side you'll spot two cheap windup Christmas toys. Generic Santa and Generic Snowman look over my keyboard and protect one of my crappy speakers, of which sets on top of an unopened Color Blank Figure.

Color Blanks are sort of a secret passion of mine. They are great! Even if they always end up looking like shit and I stain your fingers a billion different colors, I quite enjoy making them.

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Moving towards the right is another trio of festivity. Bobble Head Yoda dressed as Santa is probably the greatest Christmas decoration in the history of decorations, even if you are not a Star Wars fan (if you are not a Star Wars fan please leave now).

Beside him is my USB powered Christmas Tree. I really dig these USB desk decorations. There is just something magical about having a miniaturized tree ready to light up my evenings whenever I need it.

Lurking down by the external hard-drive is a small bottle of Sparking Cider. I do not drink this stuff any time of year other than Christmas... but for some reason as soon as November / December rolls around I always have the sudden urge to have some.

I plan on saving it for some current unknown destination. Probably later on in the season, hopefully some night when it is just starting to snow and I can turn on a classic Christmas cartoon and just relax with some Sparkling Cider. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

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The final pieces of decor comes in the form of three (I have no idea why everything got broke down into threes) scented candles. There is no better way to capture the spirit of any season than with scented candles. That last sentence makes perfect since, you just have to read it like two or three times.

Pine, Gingerbread, and Cinnamon make up this small collection. And if you think they'll last from now until December 25th... you clearly underestimate how quickly I go through scented candles.

So this is my desk. This is the very first thing that I decorate each and every year. In a way... I guess it is sort of like a variation on the Halloween Mood Table that Matt over on Dinosaur Dracula does each year. I've got things to do, things to drink, things that light up, and things to motherfucking burn.

Even though we all put up Christmas Trees and loads of other decorations, I really like having this stuff so close to my "personal zone". It reminds me to not get caught up so much in the season and to slow down and enjoy the holidays.

Now I am going to go load up some Holiday tunes while I work on the next few articles for the site.


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