Dirtcake & S'mores Lunchables!

It still feels early in the month... but let me tell you something Mean Gene, the Halloween Season is almost over. Yikes! If you've been putting off enjoying all the little quirks of the season (you really shouldn't do that) the time is now to start indulging.

Seriously. Do it today. Right now. Stop whatever you are doing (actually finish reading this article first) and go find something Halloween related before it is to late. Before it is all gone. Because it will be gone here very shortly and you'll kick yourself later if you miss the opportunity to eat Dirtcake Lunchables!

2014 Halloween Candy!
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I wrote about the crappy nacho flavored Lunchables with the incredible mummy package earlier in the season. Turns out the Kraft folks had one more trick up their sleeves this Halloween Season.

Dirtcake and S'Mores umm... Lunchables? I think these qualify as more of a snack and less of a lunch but that is only if you want to get technical. I do not want to get technical.

I also do not pay much attention to Lunchables throughout the course of the year, so I have no idea if these little snack containers are sold year round or if this is something that they just dug up for the Halloween Season.  I really only noticed them because of the fantastic artwork.

And make no mistake about it, they are fantastic pieces of artwork! If a food museum existed they would have my nomination for entry. It is a bit of a tossup for which one I like best. My initial reaction is to lean on the pumpkin. Its eyes look like olives. I really like olives. I want to eat eyeballs that taste like olives. But upon further inspection, the weird looking zombie guy is the clear cut winner of the group.

Intentional or not... dude looks like he has worms coming out of his mouth. That is always a big plus in my book. And Dirtcake is infinitely a better sounding name than S'Mores Dippers, which would feel equally as at home in the middle of July as they do here in October.

2014 Halloween Candy!
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2014 Halloween Candy!
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Inside the script is flipped a little bit. S'Mores Dippers get the edge for the inclusion of orange frosting, one of my favorite Halloween related things. While Dirtcake gets bonus points for having gummy worms.. but they take way more work to construct than what I am willing to spend.

Perhaps if I was seven instead of twenty seven I would not mind this. As it stands now... I'll take the ease of the S'Mores Dippers over top of the worm gimmick any day of the week!


  1. The S'mores don't look like anything special to me, but the Dirtcake...! I'd mix the frosting and the crumbles together to make a sort of thick mud-like stuff, then shove the worms into it. For a homemade version, mix crumbled brownies with chocolate pudding...

    Your fellow 2014 Cryptkeeper,
    Richard @ PureBlather.com


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