Creepmas Decorations!

At the end very end of my Boo Berry post I made mention of the fact that Christmas has already started to invade every corner of every store. And you know what, I've always enjoyed that strange dance that happens on retail stores across America this time of year. Halloween and Christmas both attempting to occupy the same space at essentially the same time. Both vying for our attention and yet the two holidays could not be any more opposite if they tried.

If you are anything like me then you probably enjoy meshing the two seasons together bit and seeing what comes out on the other side. In years past I've saved pumpkins and carved them on Christmas. I've decorated small trees with purple lights and some of my favorite "Nightmare Before Christmas" ornaments. I enjoy adding a little bit of the Halloween Season into my Christmas Festivities. But I have always wanted to do more!

Well thanks to the fine folks over at Shop Morbid you absolutely can combine the two holidays. Easily and effectively with just a couple clicks of your computer mouse. Guarantee you'll be the envy of the entire neighborhood and have the spookiest house this side of 1313 Mockingbird Lane come December 25th. Let's take a closer look at what the UPS guy Santa delivered to my door the other day.

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PENNYWISE LIGHT-UP BOW: Clowns are inherently creepy. Something about them I've always found off-putting. I remember going to the circus once as a small child and while I was not outright afraid of them. I was totally complacent with keeping my distance.

In terms of the classic horror movie icons, Pennywise has to rank someplace in the Top 10. I've personally never viewed him in quite the same regard as the proverbial heavy hitters like Freddy or Jason, but he totally falls into that second tier of classic creations.

Presented here in bow form, this variation of Pennywise is honestly pretty amazing. For starters I am a big fan of the bow fabric behind him. It looks like something straight out of a Tim Burton flick, which coming from me is one of the highest complements I can give something.

Pennywise's face is creepy enough as is but his eyes light up and flash yellow. Dude is the stuff of nightmares at that point. Overall I am a big fan of the concept behind him too. We are all familiar with those big dumb red bows people stick on their front porch for the holidays... it pleases me to no end that I can now put my own holiday bow outside, only mine sports a killer clown!

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CREEPMAS RED BOW: Speaking of those classic red bows that you see sold in every store come November 1st, here is an awesome Halloween variation you can use to spook out your neighbors!

See I wasn't kidding when I said that all of these Creepmas decorations do a fantastic job of merging two seasons that have absolutely no right coming together and making something memorable out of the end product.

I like the way the bow is tattered and frayed at the ends. Combined with the way it is painted (the black highlights make it looks like it has been through a fire) make something that Jack Skellington would feel right at home sticking on his front porch!

The skull in the center is just icing on the cake. Really cool decoration. I suggest purchasing multiples of them and attaching them to those light up candy canes with the white lights inside them. Making a spooky looking pathway leading up to your front door!

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CREEPMAS HARLEQUIN BOW: This guy. This guy is my new best friend. Halloween or Christmas... I could care less, I am keeping Harlequin on display all year!

How could you look at him and not instantly fall in love? Black and white checkerboard is one of my favorite pattern types for the Halloween season. When used correctly it creates a unique and memorable design. Especially with the blood splatters found on the pattern.

Skulls with jester hats. Another incredibly awesome thing that looks directly out of a Tim Burton flick. And like the Pennywise bow, this one also features eyes that light up and flash.

I have a feeling that out of all the decorations that I set out for Halloween.... these bows are going to be the ones that everyone focuses on. They are unique and eye-catching.  I can't wait to find a home for them in my display this year!

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CREEPMAS BAT ORNAMENT: Get ready for a theme for these next few entries, folks. Because we are now officially going places. Extremely cool places. Place that you've only had dreams of but never actually visited.

And it all starts with bat ornaments. Yes, bat ornaments! I have literally always wanted traditional Christmas bulbs with spooky Halloween designs on them and this.... this is exactly it!

I'd like to imagine that Bruce Wayne puts these on his Christmas Tree. Or at the very least pays Alfred to put them on his Christmas Tree. Bruce probably cannot be bothered with minor details like tree decorating.

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CREEPMAS X-BONES ORNAMENT: ... skull and crossbone bulbs!? If it wasn't official before it is official now. This is exactly like someone cracked open my skull and stole every idea I have ever had about combining Halloween and Christmas!

What I like most about these ornaments (and the same can be said for all of them) is how they manage to walk the line of looking like something Halloween related and are still tasteful. I think that is an important distinction to make. 

It's fun to mix and match the holidays but let's be honest, even if you celebrate Christmas with zero of the religious beliefs behind it (which I think a lot of people do.) you still probably don't want bloody fingers and severed heads hanging from a tree when grandma comes over to visit.

Or maybe you do. Maybe your family celebrates the holidays like the dinner scene from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I don't know. Who am I to judge? Anyway, I feel like Creepmas Ornaments are done in a tasteful way that is unique and not offensive.

CREEPMAS SKULL ORNAMENT: The final Creepmas Ornament that was sent my direction are these lovely black skull bulbs. Again, extremely cool and surprisingly tasteful. They'll no doubt garner the most attention out of the three that I received just because it's not every day that you see black bulbs with pained on white skulls.

If you wrote "Austin 3:16" on the back side of them I could totally see the WWF selling them criteria Christmas time 1998. About the only complaint I have with these is the glitter. I am not a big fan of the glitter, it likes to rub and fall off. Though that can be said for essentially anything that gets covered in it.

Though I'm sure once you get them put on a tree, the glitter will help to make the otherwise dark ornaments stand out. And you know what... speaking of tree, let's use that to transition into the final item I have to cover this evening.

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BLACK CREEPMAS TREE: It has all been leading up to this one. The black Christmas Tree! The perfect home for all those spooky new bulbs from above. I can think of no better way to celebrate both holidays than with a spooktacular Halloween-Christmas Tree sitting in your living room. This is the perfect way to accomplish just that.

Fun fact. A few years ago I actually made something close to this for myself. I purchased a fake tree on one of those 70% off after Christmas sales and spray-painted it black. Or at least I started to. It was starting to take considerably more paint than I anticipated and then I sort of lost interest in finishing it. I do believe that it is still sitting in a box in my basement someplace.

Anyhow with this tree you don't need to try and paint it yourself. Thing is already done for you. And it looks great! It is exactly what you would find at Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart in terms of traditional looking Christmas Trees only done in a really nice black color.

I look forward to decking this tree out with all kinds of lights and of course the ornaments from above. But I think I will save that project for November 1st. Be sure to check back then to see what my first official Creepmas Tree looks like!

Again, I got to give thanks to the guys over at Shop Morbid. They are quickly becoming my go to source for all things Halloween related. They've got a good selection of products that are unique from every other Halloween Shop that I've visit. So be sure to give them a look and buy something awesome!


  1. Found through the cryptkeeper's countdown. ;)

    This is unbelievably epic. Although unlikely that I would go through such extremes in winter holiday decor, the concepts are to die for! I now have to browse through there selection for more! Great share and find!

    1. Thanks! I have the bows up as part of my Halloween display... and just like I thought everyone loves them. I am seriously excited to set up an official "Halloween Tree" this November as well. Thanks for checking out my countdown as well.


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