2014 Retro Cereal Boxes: Boo Berry!

2014 Monster Cereal!
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In case you have been living under a rock it is Monster Cereal Madness Week here at The Astro Lounge. Yep, that is right we are talking all things General Mills Monster Cereal. And by all things I really mean... three boxes of retro cereal from Target. But doesn't it sound so much better the other way around?

Be sure to check out the introduction article as well as the reviews for Count Chocula and Frankenberry. Once you got your fill of those the spotlight is ready to shine on the rouge hero of the trio, Boo Berry!

Don't worry I will wait.

A statement that I have chosen carefully for this Boo Berry induction, because if you are of a certain age bracket that was precisely what you did if you wanted a box of the blue stuff. You'd wait. And wait. You'd hope. Dream. Wish. All of the above.

Boo Berry was the stuff of legend. School yard stories got told about it. Nobody you knew every directly had any but someone always had a cousin of a best friend who managed to snag a box six months ago in some far off supermarket you've never ever heard of.

Of the big three Monster Cereals, it was clearly Boo Berry who benefited the most from the seasonal push they received. It took the brand from something that was only talked about around campfires to an actual tangible thing that you could purchase every first of October.

2014 Monster Cereal!
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 I may be over romanticizing Boo Berry just a little bit, but the stuff was seriously tough to come by for a long time. When you finally did run across a box of it... you also made a trip to the champagne isle because this shit was cause for celebration.

Now that Boo Berry is as readily available as the rest, it lessens his impact just a tad. But someplace in the back of my mind, I still hold onto those days of old when he wasn't and every time the Halloween Season rolls around, it still amazes me that I can walk into the store and purchase a box of Boo Berry!

His 2014 retro themed box follows the same formula as the other three Monster Cereals. You got your standard retro front with the cardboard cutout mask dawning the backside. Like one of my readers pointed out yesterday, not only are the cardboard masks extremely cool but they really help to sell the "retro" idea of the design.

If you remember back to last seasons designs they had the entire back panel devoted to a Monster Cereal comic book of sorts. Which is totally fine. But sort of spoiled the concept of them being "retro". The cardboard masks really does complete the idea that this box of cereal is from 1975.

Which pretty much completes our week of Monster Cereal Madness. At least in terms of the retro styled boxes from Target. I still have yet to locate the three standard issue boxes, which also feature redesigned box art from the artists over at DC Comics. I have not quite figure out how I plan on covering those but rest assured... they will pop up sometime in the near future.

I also wanted to make quick mention that I just got back from the mall and could not help but notice that while Halloween is clearly in full swing, Christmas has already invaded essentially every corner of every store.

In years past I used to fuss and make a big deal about how the holidays need to be separated from one another. Not anymore. I've came to realize that this... all of this... the seasonal fun that we have at the end of the year comes and goes within the blink of an eye.

These days I just try to enjoy all of it at once and try not to get to caught up on what the calender date is. So stay tuned for lots more Halloween coverage and come the November 1st get ready to switch gears into full on Christmas mode!