Welcome to the 2014 Halloween Countdown!

Good-evening Boils and Ghouls... Welcome to the 2014 Halloween Countdown! It sure seems like the Halloween Season really sneaked up upon us this year, doesn't it? Usually I am scouring every inch of every store possible and am completely on top of when they switch from summer to the fall season.

Not this year.

I was out and about the other day and was pleasantly surprised when the local grocery store had an entire isle of Halloween Candy. Then discovered that our hardware store had out a bunch of props and decorations. Finally hit the jackpot at the pharmacy with some extremely discounted makeup kits and blacklight bulbs (we will get to those items shortly).

It was like all of a sudden I had found myself smack dab at the start of the Halloween Season and hadn't even realized it! Honestly, it was a nice (creepy?) surprise. I love the long stretch from the beginning of September that spans Halloween and lasts until December 31st and the end of Christmas. 

Everything from now until then is such an adventure. Even normal, everyday activities seem so much more important when they are under the guise of pumpkins and bats. Later morphing into Santa and snowmen.

I am like a child in some sort of establishment that sells sweetened, artificially flavored treats.

And I've got no idea what is in store for the 2014 Halloween Countdown. This year I fully plan on just winging it and seeing what happens along the way. No grand theme. No grand scheme. Just whatever festivities the Halloween Gods present us along the way.

And so far they have been kind.

Click for Larger Image!
I uncovered everything you see above from the single, lone pharmacy that dwells just off the main street in my town. We used to have three of these kinds of places but two of them went out of business when the grocery store (part of a larger worldwide chain) expanded into its new building and put in a gigantic pharmacy of its own.

Which is as much of a shame as it sounds, because I adore these old pharmacy's for a multitude of reasons. Mostly it is because they act as a time machine of sorts to products that are years to old to still be available for purchase, yet somehow still are.

They don't exactly put dates on light bulbs but if I had to guess.... would 1993 be to early of an estimate? I don't think so. I remember back when every piece of Halloween merchandise had that exact same package design, purple background with black bats and that same green text. Everything. It all looked like that. It doesn't anymore but it totally used to.

... I feel like nobody cares about my review of a Halloween light bulb package. FYI: they cost only .99 cents a piece.

Moving onto the star of the show is all these "Character Makeup" kits that got marked all the way down to .50 cents a piece. Praise be the Great Pumpkin for this find!

Essentially, I could care less about the instructions included with these kits. You guys know as well as I do that it's never going to end up looking like whats advertised. No, I purchased them because it was a great way to get a bulk setup of makeup contains, sponges, brushes, and a few pre-made appliances. I will figure out my own way to utilize them a bit later on.

I know it is not much of a grand opening to the 2014 Halloween Countdown but it is only the first week in September. We'll move onto much bigger and bolder things soon enough.

For now I am just happy that the Halloween Season has finally arrived! Stay tuned, everyone. Much more spooky content to come.