2014 Spookylicious Poptarts!

I've covered Spookylicious Poptarts once before. And while the formula has not chanced since then, they are still the exact same combination of orange frosting and chocolate fudge innards, the outside of the box has undergone a bit of a facelift.

To be perfectly honest the original Spookylicious design was a bit of a half-assed effort. Essentially it looks like they tossed on the first two clipart imagines that came up after searching for "Halloween" and called it an evening.

2014 Halloween Countdown!
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Not this time around.

This time we are treated with a creepy looking gothic castle background and a few pumpkins, bats, and at least one rouge own sitting on that dead tree.

Perhaps my favorite aspect is how if you squint your eyes and look at the package sideways that big orange Poptart is totally meant to look like a gravestone. You'll never be able to convince me of that otherwise.

I'm glad that Spookylicious Poptarts have became a thing that returns each and every year. They are so rich and full of unhealthy bullshit that I wouldn't dare to eat them often... but once or twice during the Halloween Season. I think we can make an exception.

2014 Halloween Coutndown!
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