2014 Retro Cereal Boxes: A Spooky Introduction!

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Once, many lifetimes ago, it felt like I was the lone individual on the planet who appreciated General Mills Monster Breakfast Cereals. I had to be. Back then Count Chocula was more or less available year round (he'd sometimes go on vacation for a couple months in the summer)... but I quickly realized that around Halloween time The Count and a couple relatives that would come out to play.

Frankenberry and the ever illusive Boo Berry would show up but only for a split second around the month of October and then they'd disappear. Nobody I knew talked about it. Nobody I knew understood it. But it was a legitimate thing that happened and for whatever strange reason... it was something that I gravitated towards. I was an unusual child.

Then the internet happened. I mean the internet happened as we know it today. The one fueled by social media and viral marketing. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram took over and suddenly... I was not the only person who loved all these Monster Breakfast Cereals anymore. Other people like me existed!

And then something magical happened. Something crazy and completely unexpected. Count Chocula and Co. changed from something sort of seasonal to being one of the premier items of every Halloween year.

Sure it took away the rarity of spotting Boo Berry and Frankenberry out in the wild but that was a small price to pay massive push these cereals have received in recent years.

It turned them from something that only a few of us understood and morphed them it into a product that everyone loved. Last year was absolute Monster Cereal madness as we seen the return of Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy along side the traditional big three cereals.

There was absolutely no way 2014 was going to live up to those expectations but General Mills has quietly delivered some of the best Halloween related products that you are likely able to see this season.

Exclusive to Target, we are going to tackle the three retro themed boxes first and then dive into the standard edition flavors a bit later on. I've decided to spread this out into multiple, bit sized articles instead of one big essay sized post.

I figure nobody wants to read 10,000 words about breakfast cereal boxes. But a small new post every day for the next three days in a row? Seems like perfect fodder for the first week in October if you ask me. From now until Friday I declare this week Monster Cereal Madness!

So stay tuned, tomorrow we take a bite out of Count Chocula's retro box!