Reviving An Old Jason Hockey Mask: Part I

Today I finally hit my breaking point, caved in and turned on the air-conditioning. Perhaps the biggest sign that we are officially smack dab in the middle of the Summer Season.

I am winding down the end of a very long stretch of about three months of absolute work related hell, including not having a day off in about a month now. Thankfully that BS is just about over with and before I start whatever job comes next, I am taking all of July off to just relax and catch up with whatever comes my direction.

But mostly I plan on spending next month doing exactly what I am doing right now. Sitting inside under the AC and plugging away on the computer.

It has been far to long since I've written anything meaningful, both on and off this website. That is going to change. Just like the five million other projects that I've wanted to get done but simply haven't had the time to accomplish.

So in-between breaks of sitting inside and dinking around on the PC I've busted out a few of my Halloween props that need refurbished. Starting with this old Jason Mask:

This mask and I go way back. I am pretty confident that it was one of the first Halloween props that ever entered my household, pumpkins and cheap party decorations withstanding.

I don't know when it was purchased but it has been laying around my place for literally as long as I can remember.

Been through different stages of wear and tear as well. Once, many many moons ago it used to glow in the dark. And not like the cheap spray on glowing paint they put on today's junk. This one is made of actual old school glow in the dark plastic. The kind that only those of us old enough to remember the late 80's and early 90's can attest to.

Eventually time would start to slow this mask down and years of Halloween related abuse started to kick in. But it always remained my favorite prop. Always worked its way into every display I've ever done.

It even accompanied me through various Haunted Houses that I've helped out with over the years. Once, it went missing for two full years before turning back up after accidentally getting tossed into a box with a bunch of other, lesser quality, Jason masks.

If this mask was a person, it would probably be my oldest and best of friends. I cannot imagine an October passing without it.

Therefore once every few years I like to refurbish this mask. Part of me wishes that I'd kept it in its original glow in the dark form and purchased a second one to muck around with painting.

But that decision was made years ago and there is no real way to revert it back to its old state. Therefore, I just try to enjoy sprucing it up when the occasion calls for it.

The photo above is after a few layers of primer paint. It makes absolutely no since that a mask I will ultimately age down and make look dirty and worn must first be cleaned and primed to look as smooth as possible.

Being the Summer Season in Iowa is always a bit of a mixed bag. It gets hot. Humid. Full of bugs. And storms suddenly pop up out of absolutely nowhere.

Painting up this mask was totally a one day project but mother nature decided to throw a curve ball my direction and toss up rain shower or two.

That was alright. It gave me the perfect excuse to go back inside and catch up with my new favorite obsession, Friday the 13th: The Series!

While everyone else is busy watching "Game of Thrones" I am sitting over here catching up on a TV show about a pawn shop full of haunted artifacts and the dipshit owners who inherent, and must subsequently track them all down after being sold off by there lunatic uncle.

It's the greatest television show ever made.

We'll dive much deeper into Friday the 13th: The Series come Halloween time. At which point I fully plan on overloading you guys with Friday the 13th related content. Hope you are ready!

Now, I've got to go track down some paintbrushes and finish the rest of this mask. Stay spooky everyone.