Planting the Seeds of the Fall Season!

Now that I've gotten that really strange music video out of my system, I feel like I can actually accomplish today's post. Which is more of a quick update than an actual full fledged article. But this is important stuff we are about to discuss!

First off my month of June is going to be 100% crazy but things cool down considerably in July. Like, I've got the whole month off before I start job hunting in August. Yes that is correct I will be temporarily unemployed for about a month.

I'll have all the time in the world to write about whatever the Summer Season has to offer. And rumor has it it is going to involve TMNT flavored soft drinks! I cannot wait!

Until then I wanted to show you guys this: I finally got around to planing a hill of pumpkins! Space is limited and I only had room for one hill but I was sure to deck it out with a festive Halloween solar light!

If 'The Great Pumpkin' does not rise form this patch come October 31st then I've somehow failed at gardening and life.

Hobby Lobby Halloween 2014

... and speaking of the fall season check this out. I had a bit of insider info that Hobby Lobby was starting to clear out sections for its fall and winter merchandise. That was basically all I needed to make the trip and see for myself.

Sure enough I was greeted by two isles slowly starting to transform into the colors of fall! It was a bit of a double edged sword, though. While I love the fact that they are releasing PUMPKINS and things sold in orange packaging, everything here strikes me as more "Thanksgiving" than the spooky macabre that I typically associate Halloween with.

And for what it is worth on the opposite side of the store one isle had been cleared out and in its place sat a few rouge pieces of Christmas decor. Ribbon and a few lose bows. It wasn't much, and honestly I'm not sure I wanted to see much. But I do kind of enjoy the fact that familiar red and green packaging is slowly starting to creep its way out of hibernation.