Mountain Dew: Baja Blast

Sometimes I take breaks between articles. And sometimes those breaks during into like... a month hiatus. But during those times I assure you that I am always on the lookout for something special to pull me out of hibernation and back into plunking away on the keyboard.

Mountain Dew: Baja Blast was exactly the kick in the pants that I needed to return back to the world of internet blogging. And it came at the perfect time too. Right at the start of the 2014 Summer Season and just as my well of winter related material ran completely dry.

Mtn Dew Baja Blast
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See I've got this sort of seedy, shoddy looking local gas station. Off the beaten path. The kind that survives off the sale of cigarets and not much else. Has a grimy looking kitchen off in one corner that doesn't appear to have been used since 1988. The type of joint that if you venture to far into, you'd best start checking expiration dates of any and all packaged goods.

This gas station has been my top secret stronghold for acquiring Sierra Mist: Cranberry Splash for the past few months. They've had one shelf down at the bottom jam packed with the stuff. And I was clearly the only person buying it. Happily, might I add.

Until about three weeks ago when the five of six bottles they had left in stock just sort of vanished. Taking with it my last remaining stronghold for the Christmas season.

I needed something new to replace it. Something fresh. Something to distract my mind from the coming holiday season(s) and focus on the one we are entering right now, summer.

Baja Blast does all of that. And actually tastes pretty darn good to boot. Since my discover of its existence a few short days ago, it has already worked its way into heavy rotation of the two or three flavors of soda that I drink.

Baja Blast. Wow, this stuff is dangerously good. It walks that fine line of being something familiar yet entirely new at the exact same time. Unlike some of the other stranger releases tend to come out around this time of year, Baja Blast is unmistakably a member of the Mountain Dew family.

It looks like Mountain Dew, but not quite the same. It tastes like Mountain Dew, yet not at all like what you are used to. In my minds eye this is exactly what a good "limited edition" flavor of soda should do. Call upon your fondness of the original all the while crafting out an experience unique to its own.

I have a hard time pegging the exact flavor of this drink. I feel like its allegiances lie someplace over towards watermelon but with more of a lime flavor tossed in for added effect.

And it looks like a much cooler, softer version of the typical Mountain Dew green. More teal than anything. Giving it the perfect look and feel for the Summer Season.

I don't typically associate Mountain Dew with trips to the beach but I've got to hand it to Pepsi's marketing department. Everything about Baja Blast totally screams summer beach parties on hot July days.

Enjoy it while you can. This beverage is available for a limited time only, set to expire sometime in early October. Hopefully just in time for the return of Pitch Black for 2014!

One can only wish, right!


  1. I've got three bottles of Baja Blast sitting in the fridge just waiting for me. It's one of the few reasons I'd ever venture to the Taco Bell three towns over; since it was previously only available in their fountain machines.

    And, of course, I know that I'll end up getting hooked on the bottled stuff just in time for them to discontinue it and leave me shaking, desperate for more. It's the same thing every time they decide to march out Pitch Black.

    Meanwhile, Code Red is somehow still available all year round...

    1. Code Red is such a strange soda. I've never understood the appeal of it, let alone why it became available year round.


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