We've Only Got 199 Days Left!

For your average citizen today is just another Tuesday. You'll get up. Go to work. Eat lunch. Come home. Have supper, and maybe catch a movie on Netflix. Tomorrow you'll do it all over again.

Thankfully I am anything but average.

You see for me this specific Tuesday is extra special. Today is the day in which we cross a very important threshold in the search for The Great Pumpkin.

As of Tuesday, April 15th there is exactly 199 days left until this years Halloween!!!

At first glance that must seem like an awful lot of days but for those of us who choose Halloween as a lifestyle and not just a thing that happens once a year, it is honestly the time in which most of us start preparations for this years festivities.

Festivities that I fully plan on keeping you guys involved with over the course of this years Summer Season here at The Astro Lounge.

199 is also the magical number in which, and I know this sounds absolutely crazy to even imagine, but I kind of start keeping my eyes open for seasonal goods to hit stores.

I don't mean today and I don't mean tomorrow... but coming soon if you know where to look you'll be surprised how early fall colors start showing. Despite the fact that summer hasn't even officially arrived.

While we all wait diligently for the start of the Halloween Season to officially arrive here are a few treats from previous years Countdowns that I thought you all might enjoy:


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