My Hotwheels DeLorean DMC-12 Review!

This is the story of how I ended up with three DeLorean Hot Wheels cars and five entirely out of season Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark chocolate bars over the course of a single day.

I was out last week doing a bit of shopping and not-so-secretly hunting in the back corners of every store for remnants of the Christmas Season. Of which I ended up finding a surprisingly large amount of crap tucked away in the back corner of a rouge Hallmark store.

More on that in a minute.

Hotwheels Back to the Future
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The real star of today's show are these red Hotwheels DeLorean DMC-12's that I picked up at Wal-Mart! I am a huge DeLorean enthusiast, and while that love stems from obvious places it goes much deeper than Mr. Fusion replicas. I actually legitimately love the real DMC-12 and not just the one Marty McFly drove around in the movies.

I've known about the Hotwheels DeLorean for quite a while now, and while I could have very easily purchased one off from Amazon... the thrill is in the hunt. I'd rather find one out in the wild, even if it takes six months to do so.

Seriously, I been looking for this car since around Thanksgiving time. Digging through every rack in every store and always coming up short. Until now. Near the back of the Wal-Mart that I shop at is this big isle of clearance toys. Stuff leftover from the Holidays, no doubt.

In it was a big floor fixture with four different bins overflowing with Hotwheels cars. I didn't really feel like rummaging around in it but as I walked by couldn't help but flip over one car to see what was hiding  under.

What are the chances that the very first package I touched just so happened to be a red DeLorean DMC-12! The very same car that I've spent so long trying to find. Finally sitting right in front of me.

I danced a small jig in the middle of the isle with excitement.

Hotwheels Back to the Future
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Hotwheels released this car in two different variations, red and the traditional silver. I am really after the silver DeLorean but the red car was on my mental list of stuff to eventually find too. And I was not going to pass up the opportunity to finally own one. Even if it was the lesser of the two color options.

It was at this point in my journey that I turned into "that guy" standing around digging through a pile of Hotwheels cars. Because clearly if they had a red DeLorean than a silver DeLorean must exist someplace else within this pile.

Sadly it did not.

I did however keep finding red ones. After looking for seemingly forever for this one specific car, I kept finding them here. I'd move a few cars around and suddenly find another. Then another. And another. Until I had a stack of seven of the bastards.

Eventually I settled upon purchasing three of them. Because fuck logic in situations such as these!

A few things about this car drive me nuts. For starters DeLorean's never came  factory red. Or any color for that matter. Every car came manufactured with the DeLorean's iconic stainless steel finish. You could paint them if you wanted, and some folks have. But they never actually came from DMC that way.

Hotwheels Back to the Future
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Secondly, I've never seen a DeLorean with racing stripes along its side. Let alone the strange one Hotwheels chose to put on the hood. I get that Hotwheels tends to gussy up the look of all its cars to make them more appealing for children, but dorky looking racing stripes have no business being on a DMC-12 DeLorean like this!

I am also not a fan of the big chromed out wheels they stuck on it but alas at least those slightly resemble the look of factory DeLorean rims. Just in a much larger and shinier fashion.

What I have the most problems with is how as soon as its taken out of the package, its tough to tell what kind of car this even is. It doesn't really look like a proper DeLorean DMC-12. Just a few cool little details sprinkled over top the vague outline of the car, like the gas flap compartment on the hood and the overall low profile and shape of the car.

Everything else seems like it was pieced together out of extra bits and parts that Hotwheels already had laying around until they got something that looked similar to a DeLorean, than simply called it close enough and sent it into production.

If I sound like I am being overly critical of a .97 cent replica of a car most people probably only vaguely recognize, it's because I am. But only because I love the real automobile so much that I hate seeing it misrepresented. In any form.

Overall, I still recommend picking it up. If you are a DeLorean collector like myself it doesn't take much convincing to purchase anything with the DMC logo on it. Let alone a Hotwheels replica. It's close enough to looking like the actual car that unless you know the real deal inside out, most people will recognize it as the car from Back to the Future. Even if this specific version is red!

Now about those chocolate bars. This post turned out to be considerably longer than I thought. So I'll save the second half of this story for later on in the week.

I hope you guys are ready for out of season peppermint chocolate bars. Because it was a long and strange journey that lead me to finding a box of them!


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