M.A.R.S. Heroes Revisited!

Score! I've finally found the figure I was looking for! It only took a little over a year worth of hunting, but FROSTY from the M.A.R.S. Heroes set is finally in my possession.

And in case you are in need of a refresher, M.A.R.S. Heroes is a line of generic Transformers like robots that feature removable body parts, allowing you to mix and match bits and pieces to craft your own creations.

Originally I wrote about them as part of the 2012 Christmas Countdown and due to the slightly obscure nature of the product, I figured that would be the first and only time I would ever write about them.

Pacific Rim Robots
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Turns out our paths would cross once again. And this time I'd end up with the one figure in the series that I really wanted, Frosty. The eight year old in me could not be happier. Finding the chaser figure in any series is a big deal. Even if that series is a kind of crappy Transformers knockoff line!

As I stated in my recent review of Hasbro's Red Skull figure, some toys are best left in the blister package. Not only does it increase the value of the figure, but more often than not they tend to look better displayed that way.

Not these guys. Fuck that package. M.A.R.S. Heroes are clearly meant to be opened. Meant to be played with. Even if that inevitably means losing all of the accessories and half the body pieces within a week... so be it. That is the price you must pay to see these guys live up to there fullest potential.

Pacific Rim Robots
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Here is the star of the show and clear cut leader of the pack, Frosty. To the immediate left is Darkbeat and off over to the right is Blaster. All white figures are a tough thing to pull off, especially lower end ones. If its not done just right it'll simply look like an unpainted mess.

Through either blind luck or pure determination the designers of this set managed to pull off the white paint scheme. And in the process actually crafted something pretty cool.

It may be tough to tell from that specific photo but Frosty and all the other robots actually have a lot of minor detail carved into them. And they are all highly flexible too.

Yea, you'll sometimes have issues with getting a specific socket to stay connected and occasionally a foot will fall off. But ultimately the price is so low I honestly cannot fault any of the figures.

Pacific Rim Robots
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Here is the full set of M.A.R.S. Heroes toys. Have to wonder how many actually own all six of them? I somehow doubt to many people are M.A.R.S. Heroes competitions... which is actually a bit of a shame.

Standing together in one big hero pose like that totally reinforces my beliefs that this set is freaking outstanding! It is literally amazing that they are so cheaply made and yet every figure is just oozing with personality and flavor.

I really just dig the fact that every robot is different from one another. This one is green. That one is blue. Another is white. And none of them look like one another yet everything is cohesive enough that when standing side by side they all totally come from the same universe. It's outstanding that some set basically nobody has ever heard of managed to hit all the right notes like that!

And while I still don't know how well they'd stand up to a ten year old's toy box, I do know that I will proudly display these on a shelf. Because they are far to awesome to hide away in a plastic tub someplace!


  1. Dollar Generals are now carrying these guys again. Along with some single packed figures of bigger robots, aliens, and scouts. While with the exception of the heads for the bots and scouts the basic figures are all the same, and the aliens only differ in color except for one with huge crushy claw arms, they all retail for $2.50 and unlike the threepacks the arms have elbow joints.

  2. Forgot to mention the heads on the scouts and big bots are on balljoints as well. The red scout head in particular works well with everything, and the gray big bot head works nicely on the gray scout.

  3. I've been researching these for a little bit now, it seems there are 2 lines of these MARS Heroes figures, the ones you have, but also another with robots, human cyborgs and aliens all working on the same system.

    Yesterday though I was in Tuesday Morning and found a set of 3 chunky bots that work in the same fashion with different sculpts again, I picked up a KO MARS hero and found that the parts could be swapped around, my mind and world have been blown.


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