Break In Case of (Holiday) Emergency!

Chances are if you go back and rewatch one of your favorite disaster films or movie about the zombie apocalypse you'll no doubt come across a scene in which a main character busts out a survival kit to help even the odds against whatever disaster is currently unfolding.

I've always been strangely fascinated with real survival kits. Something about freeze dried food with insanely long shelf lives, coupled with waterproof matches, neatly packaged thermal blankets, and all the other odd little trinkets tucked inside just peaks my interest in a weird little way.

I never want to be thrust into a situation in which I actually have to use one but I somehow love the idea of having one around all the time.

Keeping the concept of the survival kit in mind, I wanted to apply those fundamentals towards something I could unpack this summer and bring about a little Christmas Cheer for when the temperatures start to rise and the evenings fill with mosquitoes and stretch on for all of eternity.

This is my Holiday Survival Kit!

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Put together from bits and pieces of leftover Christmas items that I picked up after the end of the 2013 holiday season, it contains a hodgepodge of seasonal goodies.

Individually these items might not seem like much right now, with the holidays still just fresh enough in everyone's to know that when November finally arrives it is going to bring so many more bigger and exciting items to place around the Christmas Tree!

But together... together they become something special. When wrapped up and semi-forgotten about for a couple months everything here transforms from holiday leftovers to savior of the summer season!

I figure we can take a deeper look into the Holiday Survival Kit when I decide to open it back up later on this summer. Until then, I wanted to make a brief to-do out of one of the items I picked up. Actually the very last item that I picked up.

I'm weird and always feel a strange attachment towards the last items that I buy for any specific holiday season, especially when its Christmas. Knowing that it'll be almost a full calendar year before I get to do so again. So let's take a look at the "Home for the Holidays" Yankee Candle.

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I found this candle at a local gift shop that's tucked into the back of a small pharmacy about a week or so ago. I could, and probably should, write a feature article on this place. Like most small time stores it's a mixture of new product sitting side by side with various novelties that haven't been touched since the late 1980's.

And it has a fantastic habit of never really removing any of its seasonal items. Some of the larger items get moved off the sales floor but smaller trinkits like this. They'll just get left out until someone purchases them or enough time has lapsed for them to come back into season.

I absolutely love pharmacy gift shops!

"Home for the Holidays" wasn't the only brand of candle I had to pick from. Everything you'd expect to see was still present, despite the fact that it is the beginning of March.

I could have went for the traditional pine tree or frosted berry candle but I wanted something special. Something undeniably festive. And this specific candle smells exactly like you are standing in the middle of a Hobby Lobby two weeks before Christmas Eve.

I know its a strange analogy but stick with me for a minute.

Most stores tend to have this weirdly appealing scent to them that happens right around the holiday season. It seems to be created when you combine five isles worth of other holiday items and let it fester for six weeks and.... boom, you get the "Home for the Holidays" Yankee Candle.

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Here is one last look at my Holiday Survival Kit. All wrapped up and ready to be packed away until the time is just right. Look for part two of this article sometime this summer!