Winter + Peppermint Oreo Roundup!

Offshoot variations of Oreo cookies used to feel like something special. You'd get the orange kind around Halloween and a red variation on Christmas and that was pretty much that.

However in recent years the folks at Nabisco have seemingly went insane and decided that every singe occasion known to mankind must be commemorated with a new Limited Edition Oreo Cookie.

It's gotten to a point that when I see new versions of Oreo's on store shelves, I am almost inclined to walk right by them. Hardly giving a passing glance to whatever it is they have to offer.

Even when the new flavors are downright crazy, like Watermelon Oreo's, I tend to pass them up just for the sake of not having to spend a couple thousand words on the same stupid subject again.

Peppermint Oreo Cookies
Winter & Peppermint Oreo Cookies!
Still. In the middle of last seasons Christmas Madness I had a hard time passing up the opportunity to splurge purchase a couple bags of Winter Edition and Peppermint Creme Oreo Cookies.

A quick scan of past articles proves that I have already covered the Winter Edition bag all the way back in November of 2011. I hesitantly will link you to that article, and casually remind everyone that apparently I didn't understand the concept of paragraphs back then.

By in large Winter Edition Oreo's appear to be unchanged from 2011 through 2013. And with that statement what I really meant to say is they are the same fucking thing as before. Down to the snowman on the front of the package and all!

Ehhh, you know what I'm fine with this. Perhaps because we are well past the threshold of when a person should be writing about seasonal Christmas bullshit like this, but mostly it comes down the fact that I like having certain holiday items are the same every Holiday Season.

Winter Oreo Cookies!
Peppermint Oreo Cookies!
The star of today's show, however, is clearly Peppermint Oreo's. Perhaps they were a new item for 2013... perhaps not. It's more intriguing to leave the debut date a bit of a mystery. Though it seems to me that I've seen something like this available for years now.

But like I stated at the start of this article with so many different variations of these cookies are available it is hard to tell if I am remembering the Peppermint kind or the Candy Cane kind. Yes Candy Cane Oreo's are a thing that exist too.

Is there even a difference? Honestly is there a difference between Peppermint and Candy Cane? I've never really thought about it until right-the-fuck now and it is secretly driving me nuts not knowing the correct answer.

Lets Ask Jeeves. Wait a minute, Jeeves is defunct and hasn't been relevant since 2005. Now we'll never know if Peppermint and Candy Cane are the same damn thing or not!

Anyhow... Oreo Cookies. You guys really want details? I feel like this article has already stretched on for considerably longer than it should have. So I'll keep this part short and sweet.

When you finally decide to pry back that sealed tab on the front of the package be prepared to get hit in the face with the smell of peppermint. It's strong. Almost overpowering. But in the best way possible.

I'm convinced that Nabisco could make a killing in the air freshener industry. Seemingly the best part of all these wacky cookie concepts is the initial smell that comes out of the box. I'd love to bottle it and wear it as deodorant. Or at the very least make my cars interior smell like it.

They taste pretty much exactly how you would expect. Sort of like peppermint but not really anything like peppermint. Not that it matters much. I have a theory that nobody buys them because the want to eat Oreo's that taste like peppermint. We all just want to eat the Christmas Season in as many different ways as possible. Nabisco is just helping us all fulfill the primordial need to digest Santa Claus.

In conclusion this should wrap up the remainder of my 2013 Christmas Countdown. It only took well into the month of January for it to happen but I think we've finally reached the end.

So we'll all take a break. Put the holidays on hold. For now. You guys know as well as I do these things seem to start sooner and sooner every year. I half expect to be writing about pumpkins and reindeer in July.