Vintage McDonald's Halloween TV Spot!

272 days. That is the amount of time we have left until Halloween 2014. If it seems like a long ways off that's because it is a long ways off. A long, long ways off.

Still... doesn't mean we cannot periodically indulge in a little bit of spooky-fun Besides with the Christmas Season officially behind us, and give or take a few rag-tag holidays in between, Halloween is basically the next truly big event on the horizon.

And that is all the reason I need to occasionally toss out a few bits of Halloween Content between now and October 31st. So let's kick things off with this vintage McDonald's Halloween TV spot!

For as much as the Halloween Season has grown and progressed over the years, it seems to have taken a drastic step backwards in terms of how its marketed. I remember a time when Halloween was still spooky and creepy and damn proud of it.

Just take a look at this old McDonald's TV commercial. It's disturbing. And not in the traditional McDonald's "holy shit look at this food" kind of way. But in a legit spooky monster and mayhem kind of way.

So enjoy this throwback TV commercial of old. Enjoy what is left of this last Friday in January. And I'll be back after the weekend is over with a brand new article that I'm sure you'll all get a kick out of!


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