Returning from the Dead!

What in the world just happened? The entire month of December has come and gone, taking with it another Christmas season... and somehow I let it all slip by without writing a single post.

This irks me to no end, trust me. I love writing about the holidays, particularly the long stretch at the end involving Halloween and Christmas. And its not like I didn't have lots planned for Christmastime '13 ... unfortunately a long and strange series of events unfolded in my life and I simply did not have the time necessary to publish anything noteworthy.

Besides I'd rather keep the quality of my content high as opposed to simply pumping out fluff-filled articles for the sake of filling time and space.

So yea... this years Christmas Countdown was pretty shitty. I apologize for that one. However the new year is upon us and from this point forward I plan on moving forward with a whole host of new content!

To kick things off here is a video I made featuring the first "big" Halloween purchase of 2014! Enjoy and look for more featured content within the coming days!