Friday, November 14, 2014

Pumpkin Spice Oreos!

Halloween Oreos!
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I meant to cover these during the 2014 Halloween Countdown but it never happened... so for the sake of argument these are now Thanksgiving items and not Halloween.

People put pumpkins out for Thanksgiving, right? I vaguely remember doing so in elementary school. And besides if you look hard enough  Pumpkin Spice Oreos are still available, despite most stores best effort to convert the masses into a faux since of Christmas Spirit via Pre-Black Friday sales.

Stupid new flavors of Oreo Cookies are nothing new. This trend has been going on for a few years now and while I love the fact that Nabisco marches to the beat of its own drum, I'm still not convinced we need eighteen trillion different flavors of Oreo Cookies at any specific point in time.

Halloween Oreos!
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Someplace inbetween the Candy Corn Oreos from a few years back and the inevitable future release of Taxicab Air Freshener Oreo Cookies lies Pumpkin Spice. It's the cookie that nobody specifically asked for and... is about as bad as you think.

Nabisco has legitimately released some strange shit over the years and I've never quite been able to tell if these offshoot flavors are meant to be serious... or if they are all a tongue-in-cheeck joke like those Jones Soda Holiday Packs of old.

Pumpkin Spice Oreo's smell like a Glade scented candle. Have you ever wanted to eat a candle? Well if you have then I suggest you stop reading and immediately go to the store and purchase a bag, because this is the closest you are likely to get to an eatable version of that.

The actual taste is more cinnamon than pumpkin... but its just so hard to get over how friggin' weird this is. Why do we need cinnamon fused, vaguely pumpkin flavored Oreo Cookies? We don't. Nobody does.

I ate like five of them for the sake of this article and the rest of the bag went promptly into the trash. It sort of breaks my heart to toss them like that... my secret stash of leftover Halloween goodies is dwindling down to almost nothing. But as much as I'd like to enjoy Pumpkin Spice Oreos... at the end of the day they are pretty terrible.

"Pumpkin Spice Oreo" cookies get a 1 out of 5!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Game Review: The Evil Within

Mild Spoilers Below:

The Evil Within is a spiritual successor of sorts to the classic survival horror games of old. Drawing its inspirations heavily from Capcom's Resident Evil franchise, specifically Resident Evil 4. This is no coincidence as the man behind Evil Within, Shinji Mikami, has often been dubbed "The Godfather of Survival Horror".

Mikami, for those not familiar with the name, is the man who created the original Resident Evil on the Playstation One. From there he would be the driving force behind all the classic Resident Evil titles (including Resident Evil 2, Nemesis, Code Veronica, the Resident Evil Remake, Zero, and of course Resident Evil 4).

So when it was announced that Mikami (who had departed from Capcom in 2007) would be making a return to the survival horror genera with a brand new title of his own... us old school Resident Evil fans cheered with joy.

For better or worse The Evil Within is that game. Taking a heavy dose of Resident Evil 4 and combining it with a clear love of Japanese horror cinema and a sprinkling of American "shock cinema". The Evil Within is, at its core, probably the most sincere love letter to films like Ju-On, The Ring, Saw, and Hostel, that you are ever likely to find.


"ENTER THE MIND OF A MADMAN: After witnessing the slaughter of fellow officers, Sebastian is ambushed and knocked unconscious. When he awakes, he finds himself in a deranged world where hideous creatures wander among the dead. Facing unimaginable terror, and fighting for survival, Sebastian embarks on a frightening journey to unravel what's behind this evil force."

You play as veteran police detective Sebastian Castellanos sent to investigate a gruesome mass murder at the Beacon Mental Hospital. From essentially the moment you arrive things go horribly wrong and before you can say "biohazard"... Evil Within has you shooting sort-of-zombies in a village stripped right out of the opening sequence of Resident Evil 4.

Evil Within is unabashedly a combination of everything that Shinji Mikami loves and it never once tries to hide it. The game, which is split into 15 separate chapters, literally has your character jumping around from location to location and from horror movie genre to horror movie genre.

While this allows Mikami to explore a wide variety of set pieces, it leaves the player with no real sense of environment or location. One moment you'll be in what appears to be a rustic old village from centuries ago. The next in a crumbling basement of an insane asylum. Later stages include a Resident Evil inspired mansion, and a very fleshy hellish stage filled with moving eyeballs.

Each set piece is very well constructed and memorable in its own right, but I was often times left wondering just how the hell I got from point A to point B. To the games credit it does explain why Sebastian is being transported to all these strange locations. And while I don't want to reveal to much of the games plot, I will say that well versed horror fans will probably be able to figure out what is going on well before the game makes it officially known to the player.

Resident Evil!
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Speaking of plot, The Evil Within is a pretty lackluster affair. While the environments you are going to be exploring are indeed super cool, I couldn't tell you a thing about our main character Sebastian Castellanos.

He is a very "by the numbers" detective, with a no-nonsense attitude and gruff sounding voice. Sebastian does and says exactly what you would imagine and never really experiences any sort of character arc throughout the games story. The rest of the cast tends to follow the same "paint by numbers" approach to story telling. Yea there are a few twists and turns thrown in, but by in large I was completely disinterested in the characters that The Evil Within offered.


What The Evil Within does extremely well is offer up an immensely satisfying gameplay experience. The later Resident Evil titles (particularly 5 and 6) have slowly transitioned away from the survival horror elements of old and are now much more action oriented and less focused on jump scares and resource management.

The Evil Within was touted as a return to the old school formula and it delivers. Resources are limited. Enemies are resilient and most bosses are able to kill you in a single blow. This game will test fans of the horror genera both new and old. I am not afraid to admit that I started the game on the "normal" difficulty setting and after a few chapters ended up bumping it down to the less punishing "easy" setting.

Perhaps my favorite part of The Evil Within was the ability to upgrade Sebastian's physical abilities and tools. This is done via collecting bottled green liquid, sometimes you'll get a small pool from downed enemies but more often than not you'll find bottles of the stuff hidden throughout the environment.

It is worth taking the time to explore every nook and cranny and find as much green "brain juice" as possible. Upgrading in Evil Within is both satisfying and necessary for survival. Sebastian's physical stats at the start of the game are laughably bad. He cannot sprint for more than a few feet before stopping and his health is so low that a single hit from an enemy sends your health dangerously close to the red zone.

Upgrading allows you to sprint for longer distances, take more hits, and dish out more damage. Weapons can be upgraded to allow for larger clip sizes, increased accuracy, and my personal favorite... have a higher chance of obtaining "critical hit" headshot. Obtained upgrades also carry over to "New Game+" mode... so should you choose to play through The Evil Within for a second time, you won't start out quite so helpless.


If I could stop right now, Evil Within would be a solid 4 out of 5. Kind of cliched, difficult but enjoyable experience from "The Godfather of Survival Horror". Unfortunately, the ultimate horror The Evil Within offers comes from being a technical nightmare with some questionable gameplay mechanics.

I played the Playstation 4 port of the game and for a "next gen" title it featured an unacceptable amount of slow down. Particularly outdoor environments with multiple effects going on at the same time. Though sometimes just the simple act of moving the camera to quickly while walking and shooting will cause its frame-rate to spitter and sputter to a halt.

It also has a hell of a time loading textures in and out of cutscenes. As it transitions you'll clearly notice the low resolution textures displayed first and then after a couple seconds the higher resolution versions will replace them. This graphical pop-in may have been acceptable on the previous generation of hardware, but for those of us who just dished out the big bucks for current hardware I find texture pop-in to be a completely unacceptable flaw.

Occasionally it will get stuck in "low resolution" mode, too. I had one sequence that featured multiple quick cutscenes at a later stage (a barn on fire) in which a prominently featured character's beard never fully loaded. It was jarring, and not in the way the game intended, to see a high quality character model with a strange... almost 32-bit era beard.

I also found the placement of the games camera to be way to close to Sebastian. I was fighting with it more times than not, as I'd go to place the cursor over an interactive element (such as a lever) only to be forced into playing a stupid little game of "walk backwards and slightly to the left until it actually recognizes what I'm looking at". Why the game does not offer the ability to adjust how close the camera is to the player, Grand Theft Auto style, I have no idea.

Resident Evil!
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Technically speaking, The Evil Within is a bit of a mess. And instead of spending more time optimizing the experience, it appears as if they took a slightly easier way out and forced the game to run in letterbox mode with no option for full screen. You can force the PC version into full screen by changing the games code, but us console players are left with the games letterbox presentation. This may have been acceptable when Resident Evil 4 released in 2005 but here in 2014 its another inexcusable flaw.


A few of the games mechanics feel decidedly dated as well. Such as animation sequences that the player cannot break. The game conditions you early on to conserve as much ammo as possible. One of the ways you can do this is by lighting downed enemy corpses on fire. A few well placed shots with an upgraded handgun will knock an enemy briefly on the ground, smart players will use this opportunity to sprint forward and mash on the "circle" button to light them up.

This action enters Sebastian into an unbreakable animation in which he takes a few seconds to pull a match, strike it, and then toss it on a downed corpse, lighting it ablaze. The game also features various bombs and traps, typically hidden from the players line of sight. It is entirely possible for you to place a few shots at an enemy, sprint forward, jam on the circle button, only to have your character move an inch or so forward to enter into this animation... and suddenly a bomb timer is going off in a room you haven't even been into yet and there is absolutely no way to cancel the action Sebastian is currently preforming.

So you watch Sebastian stand there like a dumbass, slowly lighting a match, unable to move as a bomb blows up from behind a corner. Taking with it half your health... or worse, killing you and forcing you back to a checkpoint from five minutes earlier in the map.

Some will argue this just adds to the games difficulty. I disagree. Its poor game design. There is no reason why that animation cannot be broken. If you want to punish the player, take away the match without burning the enemy. Simple solution that The Evil Within simply does not offer.

Another painful section involves a trial and error "fight" against the Ju-On inspired black hair creature. You'll be running through a series of furnaces and fire traps. Goodluck with this section, as the entire area is seemingly designed to be a gigantic middle finger towards the player.

Its an enclosed space. The boss will kill you with one hit. And to navigate through this section you must shoot a series of switches to manipulate the fire, often times involving multiple switches in different locations. But when you do shoot a switch it doesn't activate right away, it's on a timer. So for an undisclosed amount of time... just sort of run around the environment and hope you don't accidentally cut a corner short or you get one hit killed and have to restart the entire chain of events over again.

It finally ends with you in a small chamber that gets even narrower waiting to pull a switch that has a hidden bomb next to it... while avoiding the one-hit-kill boss. When you screw up, it's all the way back to the start of the encounter.

Sections such as these are frustrating and not very much fun to play through. I felt that specific encounter had less to do with player skill and more just blind luck that the AI took a slightly different path and gave me the extra millisecond needed to jam on the X button to pull the stupid lever to exit the level.

I was also a bit disappointed that Evil Within lacked any real puzzle solving or backtracking. As I said earlier, the levels are probably one of my favorite parts of this game and I really wouldn't have minded a few classic Resident Evil style puzzles that allowed me to wander back through them, collect a few pieces, insert things into arbitrary other things, get some sort of key and move on. Instead Evil Within takes a very modern "just move forward" approach. Exploration is fine but for the most part if you just sort of sprint forward, you'll find your way to the end of the level and be transported to the next stage.


Despite the games poor technical performance and some questionably dated design choices, I did enjoy The Evil Within. The places and locations that this game takes you to are both memorable and enjoyable. The story is a bit lackluster but it serves the narrative well enough. For better or worse Shinji Mikami's handprints are obvious.

At the end of the day, Evil Within is creepy. The sound design is stellar and the ability to blast the undead at pointblank range with a beefed up shotgun is satisfying. I like what this game represents and sincerely hope it sells well enough to get a sequel. But the technical bugs and sometimes dated design decisions are enough to occasionally ruin the experience.

"The Evil Within" gets a 3 out of 5.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Be Thankful For The McRibb's Return!

McRibb 2014!
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I associate very few items with Thanksgiving. It's pretty much "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and McRibb sandwiches. Admittedly that is a strange combination of stuff. But ultimately... it's not my fault.

We (and by we I mean all the big corporations that control America) have essentially turned Thanksgiving into Christmas Jr. Even the big marquee event of the day, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, ends with Santa Claus showing up and announcers giggling with delight over how many shopping are left until Christmas Eve.

McRibb 2014!
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That is somehow meant to be a prelude for a seasonal sandwich from McDonalds. My mind tends to wander from topic to topic sometimes. Look, squirrel electric potato muffins. Because you know.

Anyhow, McRibb's are legitimately really great. Even if you don't eat McDonalds, I really feel like this is the one exception you should make to that rule.

They cost a little more than they should. The sauce gets all over everything. It's impossible to eat in the car. But they are addictive. Highly addictive. I don't know what kind of mystery meat is crammed into the McRibb, and quite frankly I don't ever want to know. There is a reason why they give you the option to purchase a second sandwich for only $1 ... nobody can eat a single McRibb. Nobody.

Perhaps my favorite part is how fast the sandwich comes and goes. It's like right after Halloween the McRibb suddenly pops back up but it only lasts until just after Thanksgiving. You get more or less a month to enjoy it and then its back into hibernation.

Because of this release schedule I've formed a connection between the McRibb and Thanksgiving. I don't know if that was ever intentional or not but I'm positive that I cannot be the only one who associates "post Halloween depression" and "pre December madness" with McRibb's and Thanksgiving Day Parades.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday Morning Comics!

Comic Book Collection!
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I love Flea Markets. I really do. Even if eBay has taken 90% of the "spark" out of them you can still occasionally find good deals on vintage crap. Like these old X-Men / X-Force (and one Robocop vs. Terminator!) comics that I picked up today.

Everything you see here was purchased for $10... technically, it was $10 for first five books and he tossed in a free comic of my choice from his "junk dump bin". So naturally I picked up the Robocop vs. Terminator book. It had the most badass cover I could find without spending another twenty minutes sorting through his stuff

Here is a quick rundown of the titles I snagged:
  • -- X-Men: At The Hands of Omega Red
  • -- X-Force: Domino Revealed
  • -- X-Force: Issue #1 Trading Card (Deadpool Card)
  • -- X-Force: The Blood Hunters!
  • -- X-Men: 1st Omega Red Issue
  • -- Robocop versus Terminator
I'm extremely happy with this haul. I don't purchase comics to resell them later, I buy them because I love collecting comic books. I have ever since I was a kid, but living in central Iowa it was always difficult to find them.

We had one local pharmacy that would stock them but I don't think they had any sort of subscription because they'd really vary from week to week on what they'd get. Sometimes you'd get like main numbered X-Men comics... other times it would be those strange single issue stories where the X-Men fight Dracula for some reason.

Honestly, it didn't really matter. I'd buy whatever I could whenever I could. The only downside was that I very rarely got to read a story from start to finish. The titles would be so sporadic that you'd get one book in the middle of a series and have no idea what came before it or what happened after it.

So most of the time I just made up my own fiction and acted out what I thought would happen next with whatever combination of action figures I had at the time. Lots of battles involving Wolverine and Donatello taking on hand-me-down Masters of the Universe toys and rouge generic dollar store figures (I always used cheap figures like that as bad guys).

Like I said, I'm pleased with what I got. For me it is not about the "value" of the books... its about loving the old artstyle and story of these early 90's X-Men books that essentially defined my childhood.

In other news, look for some more Christmas articles early next week as well as a few other pieces that are... not necessarily Christmas but I think you'll all enjoy them just the same.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Comic Review: Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe!

Deadpool Comics!
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"What if everything you thought was funny about Deadpool was actually just disturbing? What if he decided to kill everyone and everything that makes up the Marvel Universe? And what if he actually pulled it off? Would that be FUN for you? The Merc with a Mouth takes a turn for the twisted as he puts ever Marvel hero in his crosshairs in a horror comic like no other!"

That is the setup for Marvel's "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe" published by Marvel Comics in graphic novel format in August of 2013. This relatively short book (clocking in at only 96 pages long) features fan-favorite character Deadpool (aka: Wade Wilson. aka: The Merc with a Mouth, stupid!) .... well, killing the entire Marvel Universe.

Yes that is correct, Deadpool kills all your favorite Marvel Characters. Spider-Man? Deadpool shoots his face off at point blank range beneath the chin. Thor? Deadpool uses Mjolnir against him thanks to some acquired Pym Tech. Hulk? Deadpool just slices Bruce Banners head off when he's not looking. Magneto? Deadpool traps him and unleashes a cloud of poisons gas, ouch considering the characters history of being forced into a concentration camp as a child.

Now take this formula and repeat it few more times, toss in a panel or two explaining the fate of some of the lesser characters and essentially you've got the entire story of "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe"

Deadpool Comics!
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 THE GOOD: It's Deadpool in all his tongue and cheek, fourth wall breaking glory. It has a few legitimate laugh out loud moments, such as his encounter with The Punisher and early on in the book when Deadpool is talking to a therapist ("You mean like I tell you about my childhood and look at ink blots and stuff? HOT DOG! You know how long it's been since I had a good, old fashioned one-on-one therapy session? I mean... one that didn't end in gratuitous bloodshed? Where do I start?")

The artwork is pretty well drawn. You won't be blown away by any of the imagery but it does feature some pretty "gratuitous bloodshed" moments sprinkled throughout. Afterall it is not very often you are going to see Spider-Man laying lifeless in the streets, surround by a pool of his own blood.

THE NOT-SO-GOOD: It is an extremely straight forward story. Everything you need to know is in the books title. It's Deadpool. He kills the Marvel Universe. That's it. The reasoning behind his motives are laid out at the start of the book and from that point forward the story is sort of treated like a "greatest hits" album of Marvel heroes... getting killed off by Deadpool.

And it's not very long. As I mentioned the book (which originally spanned a four comic series) is only 96 pages long. At it's core "Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe" is a razor thin story that sticks around just long enough to be interesting but never really feels like it goes anyplace.

Deadpool Comics!
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READING BETWEEN THE LINES: The idea behind this book, Deadpool killing everyone and everything Marvel, sort of feels like a watercooler-esk style joke that started between a bunch of writers and artists. I imagine them slowly growing tired of the fact that no matter what they do to Wolverine he always has to come back ("But see... I already killed you once... and I bet you'll come back again and again no matter how many times I slaughter you. Your tendency to come back from the brink of death has nothing to do with your healing factor. Your mutant power isn't regeneration. It's popularity."). And one day jokingly wishing they could just kill everyone off for good.

It really seems to me like this is a story wrote by guys who have literally wrote every other comic book story imaginable and needed an outlet to release some of the frustrations that inevitable would come with being a comic book writer.

FINAL VERDICT: If you are a Deadpool fan like what I am, it is worth the read. It has enough decent "Deadpool Moments" to make it worth the price of admission as well as featuring a twist ending that could literally only work in a Deadpool story.

I like the fact that Marvel has the balls to publish a story in which all of its popular characters are not only murdered, but essentially torn limb from limb and left for dead in the most violent ways imaginable.

The story is short and not as fleshed out as I would have liked it to be but had it gone any longer the concept behind "Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe" probably would have ran a really high risk of overstaying its welcome.

"Deadool Kills The Marvel Universe" gets a 3 out of 5!

Hola, amigos! Deadpool here. The Merc with a Mouth and consommer of those glorious hard-shelled delights you mortals call tacos! How you all doing? Good? Great. That's grand. In the aforementioned review of "Me Killing the Marvel Universe" I thought one teeny-tiny kind of sort of important detail was left out.

That's not really me killing the Marvel Universe. I mean, it is me... but not the real me. Not the me talking to you right now. Which coincidentally isn't the real me either. This is an unlicensed version of me that we are going to keep as far away from Marvel's legal team as possible. But let's ignore that for a moment.

No, the me that kills the Marvel Universe is an alternative Deadpool. Because you know... comics. However never fear... spoiler alert... the story continues for another few issues before ultimately concluding with "Deadpool Kills Deadpool". In which I confront myself and finally put and end to the horrors I've created by killing myself for good. Maybe.

Got all of that? Good! Hashtag awesome!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

2014 Coca-Cola Christmas Cans!

2014 Holiday Coke!
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Rejoice! The Coca-Cola Polar Bears are gone and Santa Claus has finally returned! It's been three long years in the making but the Coke Gods have finally bestowed upon us a true holiday can for the 2014 Christmas Season!

It all started in 2011 when Coke partnered up with the WWF and gave us white Coke cans with Polar Bears on the side for that holiday season. Because this is 'merica people got confused with regular Coke being sold in white cans (white is typically reserved for Diet Coke) and everyone pitched a fit.

2012 seen essentially the exact same can released again, only with a flipped color scheme. It made no sense and ruined Christmas. I am not being sarcastic.

So naturally for 2013 Coke gave everyone a gigantic middle finger and released another variation of the same Polar Bear can. It was at this point that I hunted down and murdered a family of Polar Bears in protest.

2014 Christmas Coke!
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Well, it pleases me to finally report that at long last the Polar Bears have been temporarily retired and Santa's holly-jolly fat ass is back. I spotted a big display of these at my local grocery store and as soon as I seen Santa on the cardboard box, I knew this was going to be something special.

The design on this years can is really good. You have the classic "Coca-Cola" text sprawling along the top of the can and Santa... arms stretched presenting a bottle of Coke sporting a green bow.

Speaking of Santa, he looks like he's gone on a bit of a diet. Perhaps a sign of the times and the current climate of soft drinks in the country (whose sales continue to slide as people realize that drinking 18 galls of Coke a day probably isn't the wisest choice). Needless to say, he looks a bit... healthier this season.

And all things considered I am alright with a slimmed down Santa. He still has that classic "Coke Santa" look, which looks less like a drug dealer than how I just described it.

Perhaps my only complaint is that it's missing  the "Holiday 2014" text on the side of the can. That has been regulated to the cardboard box... and to let's be perfectly honest, nobody keeps old soda boxes.

Mountain Dew Pitch Black!
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... wait, scratch that last thought. I do keep old soda boxes.

We are just starting to take the wrapping paper off the 2014 Christmas Season... but the way things are going it is already looking like we are in store for a pretty historic season!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2014 Christmas Colors and My Computer Desk?

Happy Holidays everyone and welcome to the 2014 Christmas Season here at The Astro Lounge. I went shopping yesterday, expecting to find some good Halloween deals and came back largely empty handed. I scored absolutely nothing save for a few scattered food products that I bought mostly because I need to consume every last bit of Halloween otherwise I will get depressed.

Instead of sifting through the last remaining bits of Halloween's corpse... instead I found myself in the middle of Christmas. Every shelf in every store was filled with images of Santa and his reindeer. No use fighting it, the Christmas Season has officially arrived.

To kick things off let's take a look at my computer desk and how I got it festive as fuck for 2014.

Click for Larger Image!
This is a rare glimpse into a space that I consider to be my ultimate personal zone. My computer desk is my area. If it is messy it is because I want it that way. I work from here. I create from here. I communicate from here. This is my spot and I usually don't like to let other people in.

But it's the holiday season and the time for giving and all that bullshit. So let's take a closer look at what I have setup.

Click for Larger Image!
Over on the left hand side you'll spot two cheap windup Christmas toys. Generic Santa and Generic Snowman look over my keyboard and protect one of my crappy speakers, of which sets on top of an unopened Color Blank Figure.

Color Blanks are sort of a secret passion of mine. They are great! Even if they always end up looking like shit and I stain your fingers a billion different colors, I quite enjoy making them.

Click for Larger Image!
Moving towards the right is another trio of festivity. Bobble Head Yoda dressed as Santa is probably the greatest Christmas decoration in the history of decorations, even if you are not a Star Wars fan (if you are not a Star Wars fan please leave now).

Beside him is my USB powered Christmas Tree. I really dig these USB desk decorations. There is just something magical about having a miniaturized tree ready to light up my evenings whenever I need it.

Lurking down by the external hard-drive is a small bottle of Sparking Cider. I do not drink this stuff any time of year other than Christmas... but for some reason as soon as November / December rolls around I always have the sudden urge to have some.

I plan on saving it for some current unknown destination. Probably later on in the season, hopefully some night when it is just starting to snow and I can turn on a classic Christmas cartoon and just relax with some Sparkling Cider. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Click for Larger Image!
The final pieces of decor comes in the form of three (I have no idea why everything got broke down into threes) scented candles. There is no better way to capture the spirit of any season than with scented candles. That last sentence makes perfect since, you just have to read it like two or three times.

Pine, Gingerbread, and Cinnamon make up this small collection. And if you think they'll last from now until December 25th... you clearly underestimate how quickly I go through scented candles.

So this is my desk. This is the very first thing that I decorate each and every year. In a way... I guess it is sort of like a variation on the Halloween Mood Table that Matt over on Dinosaur Dracula does each year. I've got things to do, things to drink, things that light up, and things to motherfucking burn.

Even though we all put up Christmas Trees and loads of other decorations, I really like having this stuff so close to my "personal zone". It reminds me to not get caught up so much in the season and to slow down and enjoy the holidays.

Now I am going to go load up some Holiday tunes while I work on the next few articles for the site.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kid Cuisine Halloween Dinner!

Halloween may be over but I will be damned if I'm not going to continue to get millage out of the shit that I've got laying around. Besides if I do not cover this Halloween themed Kid Cuisine meal right now... it is going to sit around in my freezer until the end of time.

I have a special connection with Kid Cuisine dinners. Growing up I spent essentially every day at my grandparents house during the summer months. My parents would drop me off early before work and would pick me up at a little after supper time.

It was a pretty good pawn on there behalf. Essentially they found a free babysitter and managed to get out of feeding me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Clever stuff. I can't wait to do the exact same thing to them when I have my own children.

My grandparents were fantastic and I would not trade those times in for anything in the entire world. Not even Ecto Cooler. And like most grandparents, my grandmother was an amazing cook. Everything you could ever want... all made from scratch the old fashion way. How I am not an eight hundred pound diabetic, I've no clue.

And because grandparents are awesome, I was allowed to pick out cool stuff when they went grocery shopping. Inevitability this lead to many Kid Cuisine meals entering my life.

I was only allowed one once a week, so you better believe that when I finally microwaved a Kid Cuisine, it was motherfucking thrilling. Forget the fact that this was just cheap frozen food... this shit came in a blue tray with a penguin on the package.

It was epic.

Everything about the Kid Cuisine was an adventure. The food was completely secondary (though I was partial to the taco and mac n' cheese variations). The back of the box always had different puzzles and games. Inside you'd often find different stickers and standees. On rare occasions you'd get to cut things out and assemble together crappy cardboard games.

I've finally figured out where my love for packages came from, Kid Cuisine's. I would save the boxes and cherish them for all they were worth. It was fun times.

I have not had a Kid Cuisine since... I don't even know, but 1998 seems like a pretty valid estimate. When you get right down to it the meal portions are clearly designed for a seven year old and like I said earlier... it is just cheap frozen food. The same as any other TV dinner.

But just because I have not eaten them does not mean I've not been paying attention. I still check up on Kid Cuisine's. It's not like I go out of my way to hunt them down but... they are pretty easy to spot while freezer food shopping.

I've watched them morph and update over the years. Toss in different promotional characters for popular movies and cartoons. Everything you'd expect them to do... they've done. Including on rare occasions going fucking nuts and giving us seasonal Halloween and Christmas versions.

Halloween Kid Cuisine 2014!
Click for Larger Image!
Holy shit. They most definitely did not do this when I was a kid. But I am glad they are doing it now... this is my "in"! This is my reason for justifying purchasing kid oriented television dinners at considerably beyond the target demographic.

Realizing I've spent way to long writing an opening paragraph about a crappy kids TV dinner for a season that ended two days ago, I'm still going to gush-the-fuck-out over Halloween Themed Kid Cuisine TV dinners.

My absolute favorite gimmick in the history of marketing gimmicks is when packaging glows in the dark. Literally nothing else matters after that. If you've got an item and the box glows in the dark, I will buy twelve of them.

I won't lie... I've used old timey photo manipulation techniques and an actual black-light to make this sucker really pop in photo form. The actual box under normal everyday lighting doesn't glow anything like that. But I still find the effect impressive. It's the thought that counts.

And I adore how Halloween the box looks. It glows in the dark and it has a dark purple background littered with Jack O' Lantern faces. That's like a double score. And you know what, I feel like we can all give extra appreciation to this box because it is now slightly out of season.

Christmas is great but isn't dark purple packaging so much better? Hint: it is.

Halloween Kid Cuisine 2014!
Click for Larger Image!
The back side isn't as impressive as the front, which is sort of alright just based on the length of this article. 90% of you probably won't even make it this far. I bet I could toss in dialog from Last Action Hero for a solid paragraph and get away with it.

Give me a break. It is the first time I have been anyplace real. This ticket, it worked in one movie. Could Benedict use it again? On other movies? Why would he do that? I don't know. But it is a start. The possibilities are limitless. But I have realized that freedom would elude me until Jack Slater was, forgive the pun, taken out of the picture. And I thought you might be inclined to help.

My memory remembers the back of Kid Cuisine boxes being packed with different games, mazes, and word finds. It's sort of a bummer to see so little on the back of the Halloween edition. Seems like a bit of a missed opportunity.

Halloween Kid Cuisine 2014!
Click for Larger Image!
Perhaps the spookiest part of the dinner is the food lurking inside. It gets the job done and is actually not as bad as I was anticipating, but it is still not exactly anything to write home about. I guess you could do much worse, though.

Also... I will freely admit you probably shouldn't stick the cooked food under a black-light before you eat it. It makes the already strange looking 'nuked food look even less like something meant for human consumption.

The Kid Cusine dinners that I grew up with used to come with a brownie and it was always my favorite part. Because kids are fat and parents are lazy we get dumb fruit shaped snacks instead. I used to eat these things all the time and I turned out alright.

Depending on how you define 'alright'.

I am really glad that Halloween themed Kid Cuisines exist. I am equally as glad that I chose to write about them... and somehow doing so after the rush of the Halloween Season was over made me appreciate this relic from my past even more.

My fingers are crossed for a Christmas Edition.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

2014 Halloween Fallout!

November 1st, 2014. We only have 363 days left until next years Halloween! Time to get working because somehow I am already behind despite the fact that last years decorations are still setup!

Alright, so maybe it is not quite that bad. But for us real Halloween fanatics that previous statement is not to far off from the truth. The quest for Halloween 2015 will begin sooner rather than later, it always does.

But for the time being... I actually feel fine with putting the final nails on the coffin and burying the remains of Halloween 2014, which by all accounts was as successful of a season as one could hope for.

Even though I didn't write nearly as much as I would have hoped, I feel like quality articles were produced. The only change that I plan on making is perhaps a shift away from all the 'current jazz' that is for sale and write more 'from the heart' nostalgic pieces.

Finding a balance between those two seems like a good goal to set for next years Halloween Countdown. I love writing about the crazy stuff that gets released this time of year but.... sometimes not everything with pumpkins and bats on the label is inspiring enough to dedicate seventeen pictures and a couple thousand words too.

I had a really good turnout for my outdoor yard haunt. Even though the temperatures took a sudden dip a few days ago and it was really quite chilly, lots of kids showed up.

One of the big takeaways for me personally is how the kids showing up for residential Trick or Treating are now starting to sque older than what I've had traditionally show up. I think this is in part because the town I live in has pushed time start time way back to make room for the commercial Trick or Treating that takes place downtown and this was the first year they ran one of those dumb Trunk or Treat events (people gather in a parking lot and give kids candy from the trunk of there car. It is as dumb and sketchy as it sounds)

I am perfectly fine with older kids showing up. That gives me an excuse to go more for the "jump scare" next year and legitimately frighten some kids. Anyone have access to a chainsaw?

Aliens. Who knew that a couple inflatable aliens that I picked up on an absolute whim would be the star of the show... but they were. Everyone loved the aliens. It is crazy, I try to pack a lot of little details into my display. If you look hard enough you'll find everyone from Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Chucky hanging out in there. As well as lots of other little sight gags and nods to various horror movies.

But it was all about those aliens! The cheapest and least realistic looking thing in the display was what everyone kept commenting on. I learned a long time ago that people are going to like what people are going to like and not necessarily what I spent the most time building.

Therefore, aliens. Since everyone liked them so much I've already started making plans for a crashed space ship scene for next years display. If people want aliens.... I will give them aliens!

Halloween 2014 was a good season. It was memorable. I don't know if it was quite as epic as some of the previous years but still a lot of fun regardless. Since Halloween landed on a Friday this year I am perfectly alright with stretching the celebration out through the weekend. HalloWeekend if you will.

I plan on enjoying a few more monster movies and late nights with glowing pumpkins off in the distance. I suggest you all do the same. By the time Monday arrives everything will be covered in Christmas lights and Santa.

And you know what I am alright with that too.

Thanks for being part of the 2014 Halloween Countdown. The 2014 Christmas Season begins on Monday. So stay tuned!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014!

Happy Halloween! Hopefully you made the season as spooky as possible, I know I sure did. As per the norm, I have about 37 different articles that I would like to finish but never quite did. It will be tough saying how I will feel at the end of the day... but right now I'd be fine with another two weeks of Halloween Madness before officially submitting to Santa.

Trick or Treating is tonight (obviously) and I always put on a huge display in the front yard for all the kids. Though the temperature took a sudden dip into "frigid" territory I expect a decent enough turnout with Halloween falling on a Friday this year.

So while I am outside freezing my butt off putting on the last finishing touches for this years display, I hope the rest of you take the time to celebrate Halloween as best you can!

Tonight will be all about leftover candy, frozen pizza, and monster movies. If we are lucky the Halloween Spirit will carry over through the rest of the weekend.

Thanks for being apart of my small little corner of the internet. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read and comment. I may not run the biggest or the best Halloween Countdown but I have fun all the same.

Stay Spooky Everyone!

I will post a 2014 Halloween Fallout article sometime tomorrow.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Dirtcake & S'mores Lunchables!

It still feels early in the month... but let me tell you something Mean Gene, the Halloween Season is almost over. Yikes! If you've been putting off enjoying all the little quirks of the season (you really shouldn't do that) the time is now to start indulging.

Seriously. Do it today. Right now. Stop whatever you are doing (actually finish reading this article first) and go find something Halloween related before it is to late. Before it is all gone. Because it will be gone here very shortly and you'll kick yourself later if you miss the opportunity to eat Dirtcake Lunchables!

2014 Halloween Candy!
Click for Larger Image!
I wrote about the crappy nacho flavored Lunchables with the incredible mummy package earlier in the season. Turns out the Kraft folks had one more trick up their sleeves this Halloween Season.

Dirtcake and S'Mores umm... Lunchables? I think these qualify as more of a snack and less of a lunch but that is only if you want to get technical. I do not want to get technical.

I also do not pay much attention to Lunchables throughout the course of the year, so I have no idea if these little snack containers are sold year round or if this is something that they just dug up for the Halloween Season.  I really only noticed them because of the fantastic artwork.

And make no mistake about it, they are fantastic pieces of artwork! If a food museum existed they would have my nomination for entry. It is a bit of a tossup for which one I like best. My initial reaction is to lean on the pumpkin. Its eyes look like olives. I really like olives. I want to eat eyeballs that taste like olives. But upon further inspection, the weird looking zombie guy is the clear cut winner of the group.

Intentional or not... dude looks like he has worms coming out of his mouth. That is always a big plus in my book. And Dirtcake is infinitely a better sounding name than S'Mores Dippers, which would feel equally as at home in the middle of July as they do here in October.

2014 Halloween Candy!
Click for Larger Image!

2014 Halloween Candy!
Click for Larger Image!

Inside the script is flipped a little bit. S'Mores Dippers get the edge for the inclusion of orange frosting, one of my favorite Halloween related things. While Dirtcake gets bonus points for having gummy worms.. but they take way more work to construct than what I am willing to spend.

Perhaps if I was seven instead of twenty seven I would not mind this. As it stands now... I'll take the ease of the S'Mores Dippers over top of the worm gimmick any day of the week!

Friday, October 10, 2014

2014 Halloween Oreos!

One of the main pillars of the Halloween Season is Nabisco's Halloween Oreos. I could not imagine an October going by without purchasing a bag. It is a tradition that goes all the way back to my childhood.

These days Nabisco makes headlines with all sorts of whacky Oreo flavors. Cliff over at The Holidaze has already covered the new 2014 editions, so be sure to check out his work on Caramel Apple and Pumpkin Spice Oreos respectively to get caught up on this seasons hot new flavors.

I am much more of a traditionalist. I get what they are trying to accomplish with Oreos that taste like Apples and Pumpkins but my blackened heart will always lay with the orange frosted originals.

Click for Larger Image!
Halloween Oreos have once again returned for the 2014 Halloween Season and this year they sport an entirely new package design as well as five brand new spooky shapes imprinted on the top of each cookie.

It has been a few years since Halloween Oreos have had an updated design. For the past few seasons they have been stuck with this witch's cauldron look that I was never really to found of.

I am, however, quite pleased with this years package. It is simple design but more times than not it is the simple ones that are the most effective. Something about it just screams "throwback" even if that isn't exactly what they had in mind.

Just looking at it reminds me of 1993 and those October trips to a pharmacy now long gone in which I used to purchase (or convince my parents to purchase!) whatever Halloween items they had for sale.

Click for Larger Image!
Starting from the top left hand corner the new shapes for this year include a skull, haunted castle, pumpkin, generic trick or treat, and a bat. I kind of feel like everyone takes these shapes for granted, but other than the orange frosting... secretly they are probably the best part of Halloween Oreos.

The generic trick or treat cookie is probably the weakest link of the bunch, though the rest are all home run hits. I really want to dip them in an ink pad and see how well they work as stamps. But I don't want to waste the cookies!

Anyway Halloween Oreos are probably the oldest of the seasonal products and a lot of my fellow bloggers only give them a passing mention or ignore them entirely at this point.

I get that. We all want to break new ground instead of rehashing over the same subjects each and every year. But in the case of Halloween Oreos... I have to make an exception. It doesn't matter how many times I've seen then, ate them, studied and photographed them... they are still my absolute favorite item of the Halloween Season!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Creepmas Decorations!

At the end very end of my Boo Berry post I made mention of the fact that Christmas has already started to invade every corner of every store. And you know what, I've always enjoyed that strange dance that happens on retail stores across America this time of year. Halloween and Christmas both attempting to occupy the same space at essentially the same time. Both vying for our attention and yet the two holidays could not be any more opposite if they tried.

If you are anything like me then you probably enjoy meshing the two seasons together bit and seeing what comes out on the other side. In years past I've saved pumpkins and carved them on Christmas. I've decorated small trees with purple lights and some of my favorite "Nightmare Before Christmas" ornaments. I enjoy adding a little bit of the Halloween Season into my Christmas Festivities. But I have always wanted to do more!

Well thanks to the fine folks over at Shop Morbid you absolutely can combine the two holidays. Easily and effectively with just a couple clicks of your computer mouse. Guarantee you'll be the envy of the entire neighborhood and have the spookiest house this side of 1313 Mockingbird Lane come December 25th. Let's take a closer look at what the UPS guy Santa delivered to my door the other day.

Click for Larger Image!
PENNYWISE LIGHT-UP BOW: Clowns are inherently creepy. Something about them I've always found off-putting. I remember going to the circus once as a small child and while I was not outright afraid of them. I was totally complacent with keeping my distance.

In terms of the classic horror movie icons, Pennywise has to rank someplace in the Top 10. I've personally never viewed him in quite the same regard as the proverbial heavy hitters like Freddy or Jason, but he totally falls into that second tier of classic creations.

Presented here in bow form, this variation of Pennywise is honestly pretty amazing. For starters I am a big fan of the bow fabric behind him. It looks like something straight out of a Tim Burton flick, which coming from me is one of the highest complements I can give something.

Pennywise's face is creepy enough as is but his eyes light up and flash yellow. Dude is the stuff of nightmares at that point. Overall I am a big fan of the concept behind him too. We are all familiar with those big dumb red bows people stick on their front porch for the holidays... it pleases me to no end that I can now put my own holiday bow outside, only mine sports a killer clown!

Click for Larger Image!
CREEPMAS RED BOW: Speaking of those classic red bows that you see sold in every store come November 1st, here is an awesome Halloween variation you can use to spook out your neighbors!

See I wasn't kidding when I said that all of these Creepmas decorations do a fantastic job of merging two seasons that have absolutely no right coming together and making something memorable out of the end product.

I like the way the bow is tattered and frayed at the ends. Combined with the way it is painted (the black highlights make it looks like it has been through a fire) make something that Jack Skellington would feel right at home sticking on his front porch!

The skull in the center is just icing on the cake. Really cool decoration. I suggest purchasing multiples of them and attaching them to those light up candy canes with the white lights inside them. Making a spooky looking pathway leading up to your front door!

Click for Larger Image!
CREEPMAS HARLEQUIN BOW: This guy. This guy is my new best friend. Halloween or Christmas... I could care less, I am keeping Harlequin on display all year!

How could you look at him and not instantly fall in love? Black and white checkerboard is one of my favorite pattern types for the Halloween season. When used correctly it creates a unique and memorable design. Especially with the blood splatters found on the pattern.

Skulls with jester hats. Another incredibly awesome thing that looks directly out of a Tim Burton flick. And like the Pennywise bow, this one also features eyes that light up and flash.

I have a feeling that out of all the decorations that I set out for Halloween.... these bows are going to be the ones that everyone focuses on. They are unique and eye-catching.  I can't wait to find a home for them in my display this year!

Click for Larger Image!
CREEPMAS BAT ORNAMENT: Get ready for a theme for these next few entries, folks. Because we are now officially going places. Extremely cool places. Place that you've only had dreams of but never actually visited.

And it all starts with bat ornaments. Yes, bat ornaments! I have literally always wanted traditional Christmas bulbs with spooky Halloween designs on them and this.... this is exactly it!

I'd like to imagine that Bruce Wayne puts these on his Christmas Tree. Or at the very least pays Alfred to put them on his Christmas Tree. Bruce probably cannot be bothered with minor details like tree decorating.

Click for Larger Image!
CREEPMAS X-BONES ORNAMENT: ... skull and crossbone bulbs!? If it wasn't official before it is official now. This is exactly like someone cracked open my skull and stole every idea I have ever had about combining Halloween and Christmas!

What I like most about these ornaments (and the same can be said for all of them) is how they manage to walk the line of looking like something Halloween related and are still tasteful. I think that is an important distinction to make. 

It's fun to mix and match the holidays but let's be honest, even if you celebrate Christmas with zero of the religious beliefs behind it (which I think a lot of people do.) you still probably don't want bloody fingers and severed heads hanging from a tree when grandma comes over to visit.

Or maybe you do. Maybe your family celebrates the holidays like the dinner scene from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I don't know. Who am I to judge? Anyway, I feel like Creepmas Ornaments are done in a tasteful way that is unique and not offensive.

CREEPMAS SKULL ORNAMENT: The final Creepmas Ornament that was sent my direction are these lovely black skull bulbs. Again, extremely cool and surprisingly tasteful. They'll no doubt garner the most attention out of the three that I received just because it's not every day that you see black bulbs with pained on white skulls.

If you wrote "Austin 3:16" on the back side of them I could totally see the WWF selling them criteria Christmas time 1998. About the only complaint I have with these is the glitter. I am not a big fan of the glitter, it likes to rub and fall off. Though that can be said for essentially anything that gets covered in it.

Though I'm sure once you get them put on a tree, the glitter will help to make the otherwise dark ornaments stand out. And you know what... speaking of tree, let's use that to transition into the final item I have to cover this evening.

Click for Larger Image!
BLACK CREEPMAS TREE: It has all been leading up to this one. The black Christmas Tree! The perfect home for all those spooky new bulbs from above. I can think of no better way to celebrate both holidays than with a spooktacular Halloween-Christmas Tree sitting in your living room. This is the perfect way to accomplish just that.

Fun fact. A few years ago I actually made something close to this for myself. I purchased a fake tree on one of those 70% off after Christmas sales and spray-painted it black. Or at least I started to. It was starting to take considerably more paint than I anticipated and then I sort of lost interest in finishing it. I do believe that it is still sitting in a box in my basement someplace.

Anyhow with this tree you don't need to try and paint it yourself. Thing is already done for you. And it looks great! It is exactly what you would find at Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart in terms of traditional looking Christmas Trees only done in a really nice black color.

I look forward to decking this tree out with all kinds of lights and of course the ornaments from above. But I think I will save that project for November 1st. Be sure to check back then to see what my first official Creepmas Tree looks like!

Again, I got to give thanks to the guys over at Shop Morbid. They are quickly becoming my go to source for all things Halloween related. They've got a good selection of products that are unique from every other Halloween Shop that I've visit. So be sure to give them a look and buy something awesome!

Friday, October 3, 2014

2014 Retro Cereal Boxes: Boo Berry!

2014 Monster Cereal!
Click for Larger Image!
In case you have been living under a rock it is Monster Cereal Madness Week here at The Astro Lounge. Yep, that is right we are talking all things General Mills Monster Cereal. And by all things I really mean... three boxes of retro cereal from Target. But doesn't it sound so much better the other way around?

Be sure to check out the introduction article as well as the reviews for Count Chocula and Frankenberry. Once you got your fill of those the spotlight is ready to shine on the rouge hero of the trio, Boo Berry!

Don't worry I will wait.

A statement that I have chosen carefully for this Boo Berry induction, because if you are of a certain age bracket that was precisely what you did if you wanted a box of the blue stuff. You'd wait. And wait. You'd hope. Dream. Wish. All of the above.

Boo Berry was the stuff of legend. School yard stories got told about it. Nobody you knew every directly had any but someone always had a cousin of a best friend who managed to snag a box six months ago in some far off supermarket you've never ever heard of.

Of the big three Monster Cereals, it was clearly Boo Berry who benefited the most from the seasonal push they received. It took the brand from something that was only talked about around campfires to an actual tangible thing that you could purchase every first of October.

2014 Monster Cereal!
Click for Larger Image!
 I may be over romanticizing Boo Berry just a little bit, but the stuff was seriously tough to come by for a long time. When you finally did run across a box of it... you also made a trip to the champagne isle because this shit was cause for celebration.

Now that Boo Berry is as readily available as the rest, it lessens his impact just a tad. But someplace in the back of my mind, I still hold onto those days of old when he wasn't and every time the Halloween Season rolls around, it still amazes me that I can walk into the store and purchase a box of Boo Berry!

His 2014 retro themed box follows the same formula as the other three Monster Cereals. You got your standard retro front with the cardboard cutout mask dawning the backside. Like one of my readers pointed out yesterday, not only are the cardboard masks extremely cool but they really help to sell the "retro" idea of the design.

If you remember back to last seasons designs they had the entire back panel devoted to a Monster Cereal comic book of sorts. Which is totally fine. But sort of spoiled the concept of them being "retro". The cardboard masks really does complete the idea that this box of cereal is from 1975.

Which pretty much completes our week of Monster Cereal Madness. At least in terms of the retro styled boxes from Target. I still have yet to locate the three standard issue boxes, which also feature redesigned box art from the artists over at DC Comics. I have not quite figure out how I plan on covering those but rest assured... they will pop up sometime in the near future.

I also wanted to make quick mention that I just got back from the mall and could not help but notice that while Halloween is clearly in full swing, Christmas has already invaded essentially every corner of every store.

In years past I used to fuss and make a big deal about how the holidays need to be separated from one another. Not anymore. I've came to realize that this... all of this... the seasonal fun that we have at the end of the year comes and goes within the blink of an eye.

These days I just try to enjoy all of it at once and try not to get to caught up on what the calender date is. So stay tuned for lots more Halloween coverage and come the November 1st get ready to switch gears into full on Christmas mode!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

2014 Retro Cereal Boxes: Frankenberry!

2014 Monster Cereal!
Click for Larger Image!
Continuing on with our week of Monster Cereal Mayhem is this years retro themed package for Frankenberry! If you have not already be sure to catch up to speed with this introduction article and yesterdays post on Count Chocula.

As I mentioned earlier, Count Chocula was always the leader of the pack. He was the one available for most of the year and had the most traditional flavoring of the trio. Frankenberry on the other hand... this dude was much more of a crapshoot.

You'd get him on extremely rare occasions in the middle of summer, but only for small shipments at a time. He would be much more likely to show up around the Halloween Season. Accompanying the same shelf space as Mr. Chocula. But he'd still be completely hit or miss.

I can remember going one or two year spans in which it was just Count Chocula. No Frankenberry. Then suddenly he'd show up and act like nothing was the matter.

Frankenberry, something was the matter. It was a big deal when you left my childhood like that! 

But I am glad you are back, in retro styled packaging for the 2014 Halloween Season. Just like all the other boxes in the series, the retro design is 99% the same thing as the original. Even that freaky looking kid in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Yea, you thought I was going to let that one slide didn't you? Nope. That is the whole point of doing these reviews separately. It gives me a better chance to gush about dumb things like that kid.

That nightmare fueled fucking kid. With his stiff, expressionless grin and bizarrely angular hair line. He creeps me out. And the worst part is no matter what place you move to in the room, his one moronic looking eye follows you around. It is impossible to escape his sight. He watches you masturbate at night.

2014 Monster Cereal!
Click for Larger Image!
Back of the box also features the epic looking cardboard mask. Still to small for a human head... but guess what? That still does not matter. I am a big fan of the fact that Frankenberry so bluntly likes to point out that he is a monster down in the lower left. Each box features its own corny little saying down there but for some reason this one is my favorite.

He sounds less like he's trying to convince us that he is a monster and more like its a bit of self encouragement. Just picture Frankenberry standing in the bathroom, repeating the phrase "I'm a monster." to himself over and over in the mirror, as tears of strawberry gently slide past his porthole shaped eyes.

Also his head looks like a ballsack. Just a great big pink ballsack with a thermostat on one side. You are a monster indeed, Frankenberry.

Tomorrow we cover the cult classic Boo Berry!