Thanksgiving McRibb!

By the time most of you read this Thanksgiving will have come and gone. Parades are through, football is over, and leftover bits of this and that decorate the innards your refrigerator.

As I write this, however, it is still technically turkey day. At least it will be for another couple hours. Hopefully each of you had a blessed Thursday. I know for me it was fairly uneventful. Caught the last thirty minutes or so of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade... which is one of those things that I feel like nobody ever really sets out to watch but sort of ends up off in the background anyway.

After a bit of football and a quick bite of some turkey it was off to work (at my real job!) for a few hours... in which I basically accomplished nothing and got payed time and a half for it. Truly living the American Dream, folks.

I decided to avoid any of the big "Pre-Black Friday" sales currently going on... for the most part. On my way home a quick detour past the local K-Mart peaked my interested just enough to stop in.

Ended up leaving with both Pacific Rim and Wold War Z on Blu-Ray for $10 a piece and Tim Burton's Dark Shadows on DVD for $5. Not a bad little haul if I do say so myself. The remainder of my night was spent watching said Dark Shadows movie... and despite the mostly negative reviews it received, I ended up enjoying most of the movie.

But we are not here to talk about Dark Shadows. Not tonight anyhow. What I really set out to accomplish this evening was to gush about the return of the McRibb sandwich for the thousands time. What's old is new and new is old... or something.

2013 McRibb!
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I know this isn't exactly breaking new ground and writing about a sandwich that somehow has Ammonium Sulfate as one of its ingredients is not exactly the key to internet stardom... but damn it some things I must simply do! And loving the McRibb is one of them.

In the same way that Cranberry Splash is like the unofficial soft drink of the Holiday Season, I view the stupidly bad for you McRibb in the exact same light. It's just not Christmastime until I've had one. Or two. Or seventeen.

You know sometimes Charlie Brown is correct, Christmas should not be defined by the material items around us but instead be about family and faith. Other times... he's flat out full o'fucking shit. Christmas is totally defined by stupid bullshit like imitation pork sandwiches.... I feel like if Mr. Brown had access to the McRibb he would be on my side with this one.

In conclusion while you are out punching strangers in the face Black Friday shopping... you really 'aught to pause for a brief couple of minutes and enjoy a good old fashion holiday McRibb sandwich. It's not really the holiday season until you do so!