Nightmare Before Christmas Jelly Belly Coffin!

Nightmare Before Christmas!
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If there is any time of the year to really appreciate Tim Burton's animated classic "The Nightmare Before Christmas" it would have to be right now, during the first few weeks of November.

The rotting corpse of the Halloween Season is still fresh in everyone's mind and if you dig hard enough, remnants of its ghostly shell can still be found in the far corners of most major retail stores.

And yet Christmastime has all but arrived. Everyplace you look is covered in red and green holiday cheer. It makes for a wonderfully strange mix of both seasons at the exact same time. Especially in the days immediately following Halloween when it literally becomes possible to celebrate both seasons together at once.

It creates the perfect atmosphere to talk about "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and thankfully almost every year something new springs up that sports the films iconic brand.

And as luck would have it, apparently 2013 marks the films 20th Anniversary which among other things means holy shit I'm getting old... as well as creating the perfect opportunity to stick TNBC branding on anything and everything possible. Which explains why we seen a slightly larger presence for the film this Halloween Season.

Enter the Jelly Belly Coffin! My current new favorite thing ever. I've had this little purple tin in my possession since roughly September, making it one of the first purchases I made of the 2013 Halloween Season... but I've held off writing about it until now for all the reasons that I stated at the beginning of this article.

I totally get why we see more "Nightmare Before Christmas" items released during the Halloween Season as opposed to its Christmas counterpart, but I've always believed that the spirit of the picture truly makes it a holiday film.

As a piece of Halloween Candy, the Jelly Belly Coffin ran the risk of being completely overshadowed by all the larger releases of the season. It's hard to dedicate a couple thousand words to jelly beans when you've got friggin' 40 year old brands of Monster Cereal being resurrected at the exact same time.

Nightmare Before Christmas!
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As a piece of Christmas Candy, however... the Nightmare Before Christmas Jelly Belly Coffin becomes something extra special. There is literally nothing else like this currently for sale on the market. It stands out as something unique and different in a sea of proverbial reds and greens.

I don't remember exactly what I spent on the Jelly Belly Coffin but I'm positive it couldn't have been more than a couple bucks. For what its worth you get a fairly sturdy little tin that would have made a great place for the little nuances... bits and pieces you collect as a child.

Extra Lego parts. Donatello's staff. The head of some rogue GI Joe. Loose junk change. It would all easily fit inside and create a perfect "hiding space" for those childhood valuables.

Which is a definite plus because in terms of actual jelly beans, you're going to get the shaft. I had a grand total of 40 pieces lurking inside mine. Not even enough to fill the casket up half way. Needless to say if you are buying this one for the candy, you'll end up a bit disappointed by the time it is all said and done.

As for me... I could not be happier to own the Nightmare Before Christmas Jelly Belly Coffin. Now hopefully we'll see some more TNBC branded stuff before the 2013 Holiday Season is finished!


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