2013 Christmas Activity List!

I was at the shopping mall yesterday afternoon and found that the place had literally been converted into Christmas HQ. Every store was filled with holiday shopping sales, Christmas trees, and appropriately festive music playing in the background.

I couldn't be happier! It always takes me a few extra days to shift from Halloween mode into Christmastime but once I get here, there is basically no place I would rather be.

Unfortunately like anyone else I get busy and tend to put off celebrating the holiday season until "it gets closer to the holidays". Before long its five days until Christmas and I'm trying to cram two months worth of festivities into a few short evenings.

This is not the correct way to enjoy the holiday season. Its best to spread your activities out over the course of the next couple months and by the time its all said and done you'll feel like you've actually accomplished something fun instead of simply being along for the ride.

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Enter the Christmas Activity List! An idea I started last season which quickly became one of my new favorite holiday traditions. The just of the idea is this: create some type of list... I prefer to use colored construction paper but you are limited only by your imagination for this one. Display it in a spot that you'll look at every single day, and fill it with as many different holiday activities as you possibly can.

The beauty of the list is that "activity" can be as loosely defined as you'd like it to be. Whatever makes for a fun Christmas season to you personally... stick it on there. And don't be afraid to put in a bunch of "gimme spaces" between actual stuff you plan on doing.

First Snowfall. Thanksgiving Day. Christmas Eve. I think its just as important to add in things that are bound to happen anyway mixed in with whatever else you want to do to celebrate the season.

My list includes everything from wrapping presents, setting up the tree, baking cookies, watching holiday films. And a few strange things that I'll challenge myself to find the time to do. Such as taking a photo with my Jason Voorhees prop dressed up in Santa Claus gear.

Each time I accomplish an "event" I place a Christmas themed sticker over top of the square. It doesn't seem like much... but it totally works! I love watching my Activity List slowly get filled up with different holiday stickers as the days slowly tick down to Christmas Eve.

I encourage everyone to take a little bit of time and create your own personal Activity List. Stick as much or as little onto it as you'd like. It may sound like a silly idea... but if you really want to enjoy the season its the best way I've found to do so!