The Return of Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy Cereal!

Every once and a while a limited edition release comes around that's so big it transcends the season and cross over into the mainstream. Last year Candy Corn Oreo's achieved that notoriety and this year General Mill's Monster Cereals have made the very same push!

It's late in the month so I won't pretend like this is late breaking news anymore. If you are the kind of person to get excited about vintage themed boxes of cereal, chances are you've known about this for a while now and already have each of these in your collection.

That still doesn't stop this from being the coolest Halloween release I've seen in years! And it's one that came completely out of left field, too! Nobody seen this coming and perhaps it is for that very reason that made what I am about to show you seem to extra special.

But first... a bit of a history lesson. Most of you are probably aware of "the big three" Monster Cereals from General Mills. Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry. Once upon a time Frankenberry and Boo Berry were the rare sort of bastard stepchild of Count Chocula. Always in production, but released at seemingly random stretches of time and never readily available.

Finding a box of either (though particularly Boo Berry) was a bit like winning the lottery. If you somehow managed to obtain all three at the same time... motherfucking bliss.

And despite the obvious correlation one could draw to the Halloween Season none of them where technically seasonal releases. Sure you'd be a little more likely to find them during October... but then again you'd stand just as good of chance as any to stumble across a rogue Frankenberry display in the middle of July.

Over the years General Mills caught on and turned these three cereals into full fledged Halloween themed items. Coming out of hiding only for a couple months here at the end of the year, and really for the first time making all three readily available.

No longer did you have to sacrifice the blood of a small goat to procure a box of Boo Berry. Now all it took was a little patience and a trip to your local Target and the sweet stuff could be yours!

All of this is great and I wouldn't change it for anything. I love the fact that no matter what else happens with the Halloween Season, I can always count on a few mainstay's to enjoy throughout the month. General Mills Monster Cereals are clearly right at home with Halloween Oreo's and those Reeses Pumpkins that everyone loves so much.

But eventually the formula of seeing the same three cereals year in and year out started to feel a little... flat. No matter how appreciative I may be of the fact that Boo Berry and Frankenberry now accompany Count Chocula each Halloween Season ... it's hard to be really excited when they are by in large the exact same thing every year.

Rarely does General Mills change the look of the boxes, something that if I was in charge would be updated every season. So for collectors like myself, there is very little need to purchase a box for 2011 when its the same design that we seen in 2010 ... which was the same design as 2009. And so on and so fourth.

So what is General Mills to do? How about releasing two more flavors of cereal ... ones that us hardcore Monster Cereal collectors only every dream of owning. I am of course talking about the Return of Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy Cereal!

Yummy Mummy Cereal!
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Holy lord. I've died and gone to heaven. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I'd ever have a chance to own either of these cereals... let alone new updated versions of them that I'd actually be able to eat!

Frute Brute's original production run lasted from 1975 - 1984. In keeping with the whole Monster Cereal theme it's mascot was a funky looking werewolf in multicolored suspenders. Because hey ... this was 1975.

Frute Brute Cereal!
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The short lived Frute Brute cereal would eventually be succeeded by the even shorter lived Yummy Mummy cereal. Debuting in 1987 the original version of Yummy Mummy would only survive until 1993 before eventually being canned, presumably for good.

I am just old enough to actually remember seeing Yummy Mummy for sale during its original run. Back when all of the Monster Cereals were more of a hit or miss deal ... for some reason Yummy Mummy and Count Chocula were the ones easily available in my area. And now I get a chance to enjoy the cereal once again! How cool is that?

I'm sure you noticed both boxes in the photos above. General Mills really swung for the fences this year. Not only did they revive two previously long forgotten flavors of cereal, but they went ahead and gave Target exclusive rights to a series of retro themed packages too!

All five cereals (Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Boo Berry, Yummy Mummy, and Frute Brute) have an extra special limited edition retro package done up to look exactly like there original package artwork from the 1970s!

So not only do you now have a change to eat two flavors of cereal that haven't been available for 20+ years now ... you can do so in boxes that look like they fell directly out of a time machine! It's the very definition of a "win-win situation"

As the Halloween Season draws dangerously close to its end... if you haven't taken the time to locate either of these boxes, I strongly suggest doing so. There is just simply no way of knowing if those awesome retro boxes will return next season. Or if all five flavors will be making a comeback in 2014. This could be a once in a life time opportunity. Make sure you don't miss it!


  1. Got all five retro boxes, which I am planning to save! Also have already bought a second box of Chocula, albeit the new label, simply to have more of it!


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