Happy Halloween, 2013!

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Happy Halloween Everyone! The 2013 season as been spectacularly spooky this year, even if I haven't always been able to devote the time I'd like to writing about it. I assure you all that I did everything in my power to live it. And I hope each and every one of you did the same.

If you are reading this on the 31st the time is now to cram in as much last minute mayhem until the clock strikes midnight. Personally, I plan on spending the rest of my night watching "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and seeing what spooky sights and sounds YouTube has to offer tonight.

November 1st will bring about much change, the same as it does every year. All the creepy decor we've grown accustomed to for the last month and a half will quickly give way to Santa Claus and Rudolph.

I welcome the change and in some ways enjoy the drastic shift from Halloween to Christmas. But not tonight! Tonight is best spent dancing with the devil, under full moon and chilled winds.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Hope you had a great night! HAPPY HALLOWE'EN!

    1. I sure did! I'm going to post a few photos here shortly. Already looking forward to next years Halloween =)


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