VHS Artwork Roundup! -- Revenge of the Zombie

VHS Artwork Roundup is a new series that I'll be posting from now until the end of the Halloween Season in which we will take a look at some kick-ass artwork found on the covers of old VHS-era horror movies.

If you are lucky to have grown up in the era when brick and mortar video stores were still a thing that existed then you already know what this article is about. You see back in the day before Netflix and internet enabled smart phones existed we selected our horror movies on gut instincts and whichever film had the most creatively gruesome cover.

VHS Artwork
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VHS Artwork Roundup is a celebration of these lost pieces of artwork in all there gory glory. From now until October 31st I will be periodically posting the best covers that I own. To kick things off we are going to start with 1988's REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIE!

"Beth and Michael are twins, very strange ones at that. Their widowed father keeps them away from other people because of their strange and unusual psychic powers. When he is killed by a gun-crazy biker gang, the twins decide to re-animate his dead corpse. Their creation is a blood thirsty zombie who does their bidding with a vengeance!"

I picked this particular film because it encapsulates everything that makes these old VHS covers so awesome. The above paragraph is the description found on the back of the box. It sounds like a fantastically cluttered film involving many different subplots that have absolutely nothing to do with the front artwork.

Revenge of the Zombie's cover is obviously a promotional still shot on either a small sound stage or (more likely) an extra stall in someones garage. This is a clear cut case of arranging a few miscellaneous Halloween props mixed with a torso that's (probably) from the film and calling the end result good enough to stick on the VHS box.

Isn't it great! I'm particularly fond of the font and color choices for the main logo. Pink and green? Sure why not! It's very reminiscent of a 1980's heavy metal band logo with a clear 'White Zombie' influence tossed in for good measures.

Revenge of the Zombie is my favorite kind of low budget material because you can tell that whoever made this was obviously trying to take things seriously and come up with a genuinely good piece of artwork. It is sort of like the Great Pumpkin of crappy video tape covers. Revenge of the Zombie is just sincere enough to work on every level, despite having low production values. And for that... we salute you!

VHS Artwork


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    1. Goodluck! This movie does not seem to exist anyplace on the internet. I couldn't find anything about it on YouTube or otherwise. I wanted to embed the trailer (or movie clips) into this post someplace but they simply aren't out there.

  2. VHS tapes were good at the time. But now they're outdated and DVD's are the best way to go to watch your movies. CD & DVD Copies


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