Halloween Lunchables with GHOUL-AID JAMMERS!

All work and no play may make Jack a dull boy... but I am fairly confident that if Jack was given a Halloween Lunchable with GHOUL-AID JAMMERS every now and then, he probably wouldn't murder his entire family.

As we reach the midway point in September I think it is absolutely imperative that everyone stops and spends the time right now to appreciate all the smaller spooktacular releases we've seen so far this Halloween Season.

October is the month best spent dabbling in the devil's best delights. October is Halloween and that is when all the heavy hitters come out to play. Chances are you'll be on sensory overload by then and if you wait too late into the season it becomes very easy to overlook something as simple as a Halloween Lunchable.

And this is not something you want to do!

The Halloween Lunchable quietly made its debut in 2012, late in the season and not to much fanfare. Last years model was basically just your average run of the mill Lunchable with a few cobwebs and bats on the front of the box. The big twist was the inclusion of Halloween Oreo's as the included snack.

Ghoul-Aid Jammers
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It was a modest first effort even if it went largely unnoticed by the masses. For the 2013 Halloween Season it looks like Lunchables learned from its mistakes and went all out in creating the creepiest portable lunch substitute this side of those old Kid Cuisine TV dinners from years ago.

And it's all made possible by the inclusion of one extra spooky component... GHOUL-AID JAMMERS! A true gift from the horror gods of Halloween! If you are somehow not familiar with Scary Blackberry Ghoul-Aid I suggest you check out this article I wrote a couple Halloween Seasons ago. It'll give you a complete history of the beverage as well as it's unexpected revival from a few years back.

Ghoul-Aid Jammers
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Let's not kid ourselves here, it's the inclusion of these Jammers that really pushes Halloween Lunchables from a thing that exists this Halloween to an absolute must have item of the season!

Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Halloween, whatever the time of year it may be I know a season defining item when I see it. And folks, Ghoul-Aid Jammers is just that. Season defining.

You can currently find Jammers available in a big multipack box of about ten... so while the might not be exclusive to Halloween Lunchables I think the best way to enjoy them is right here. Packaged with a chocolate witch and some vaguely defined pizza ingredients. Quality over quantity. I squirm with delight at the prospect of owning an entire fridge full of Ghoul-Aid but it seems extra special when you only have the one to look forward to.

Ghoul-Aid Jammers
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Speaking of which... I'm sure you've noticed the Milk Chocolate Witch also included in the box. Had it not been for the Ghoul-Aid this little orange package of wonder would be the clear cut center of attention. Instead she must settle for second place, but trust me it is a very close second place.

Often times it's the little details such as this that'll shove an item from simply being alright into the realm of outstanding. Milk Chocolate Witch is exactly the kind of tipping point that Halloween Lunchables needed to push it over the edge. Ghoul-Aid and discombobulated chocolate witch heads tend to do just that.

Ghoul-Aid Jammers!
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It's also one of the rare occasions in which the chocolate bar inside the wrapper looks exactly like the picture on the outside. These chocolate-candy characters are generally pretty hit or miss... most times falling on the miss side of things. I've got to give Halloween Lunchables mad props for pulling this one off!

And not only is it a good execution but it's also a well thought out design. I don't think that can be understated enough. It doesn't matter how well the candy pressing turns out, if the design it is based off of sucks in the first place... whats the point?

Thankfully that's not the case. I really like this witch. And I am not even a fan of witches in general. In regards to spooky Halloween decor they rank just below Tim Curry in drag and slightly above generic clipart spiders in terms of dumb shit that I never want to see again.

For my final score I'm going to give Halloween Lunchables ... 9 Tim Curry's Dressed in Drag out of a possible 10. A completely meaningless and made up point scale that I just thought of. Ultimately I had to deduct one point because the actual pizza aspect of this kit was hands down the single worst thing I've eaten this week.


  1. I always love your posts, but I'm an even bigger fan of your photos! You always make them pop! Great job, Kyle. I, too, love the Lunchables this season. A must have!

    1. Thanks Cliff! Glad you noticed the pictures. I do some amateur photography work on the side and love taking photos of different things. It's always particularly challenging to take some of these oddball items and make them look unique and interesting. I enjoy the challenge. =)

  2. I love Halloween witches! To each his own, I guess. Thanks for reminding me about Kid Cuisine. Pirate Picnic and Safari Supper rocked! I, however, would not touch that pizza in the Lunchable.

  3. Not sure I would eat it, but I would want to buy it :)


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