Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Tonight is one of those nights. It's cold. It's raining. I slow cooked chili earlier in the day and am on my third bowl as I type this post right now. Folks, it feels like Christmastime!

I know... I should be taking advantage of this dreary September evening and plunking away on this seasons Halloween Countdown with some obscure horror flick playing off in the background. Partaking in the current seasons devilish delights, but I cannot help it tonight we are going to look forward and see what Santa Claus has in store for 2013!

By most accounts the coming Christmas Season isn't really coming any longer. It's practically already here! I could easily go off on some Charlie Brown inspired rant about the commercialization of the holidays and how "Halloween should have its turn!" but for as frustrating as mistletoe and holly decorating storefronts in September may be, I not so secretly enjoy every last bit of it!

With a season as broad as Christmas it is basically impossible to pinpoint exactly what seasonal items come first in the... season? If this paragraph makes it past the final edit just assume I've passed out from eating to much chili.

2013 Christmas Countdown!
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The point I'm eventually trying to make is that when new holiday items start showing up on store shelves, Winter Collection Glade Air Freshener's are always among the first to arrive.

Part of the reason why I am choosing to write about them now rather than later is that it's easy to overlook something as simple as Glade Air Freshener's when the snow is flying and holiday lights are flashing. And you really shouldn't!

Glade does a top notch job with these little scented wonders each and every year. This season's efforts range from the traditional (Sparkling Spruce and Apple Cinnamon Cheer) to the mysterious (Frosted Berry Kiss?) and ends with one that smells like Vanilla, because everyone runs out of good ideas eventually. Even the folks who work at Glade's scent department.

I suggest going out and purchasing one of each whenever you got the opportunity. They are a great way to get an early taste of the holiday season without outright decorating your house in red and green. Besides, having something that smells like the holidays is equally as important as covering half your house in colored lights. They may be small, but Glade's Winter Collection is one of those things that ties together the entire mood of a season!

I hate closing paragraphs. So here is a link to a YouTube clip of the Sleeping Bag Kill from Friday the 13th: Part 7. And with that I promise the next entry will be a return to all things spooky and creepy here at The Lounge! Merry Christmas Everyone!