Screme Eggs, Butterfinger Pumpkins, and Pumpkin Spice Candles = HALLOWEEN!

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Can you feel it? I know I can. It happens occasionally when the wind starts to pick up. On a chillier than normal evening. With the sun shrinking in the distance, casting long shadows down the streets. The sound of rustling leaves off in the distance.

These are the telltale signs of the coming fall season. Not only is this my personal favorite time of year, but it brings about two very important things. It ushers in my 'busy season' of content as well as the first of two very important year end holidays... HALLOWEEN!

I could not be more excited for this seasonal change. I have a feeling that this year is going to be something special. Filled with all kinds of crazy new products. It has to be. I never remember finding as much Halloween merch this early in the year as what 2013 has brought to us.

See the photo above? It was taken today. That is five very distinctive Halloween items. Screme Eggs. Butterfinger Pumpkins. And a candle scented like pumpkins. This is the same stuff that I'd normally be spending a couple hundred words gushing about in late September, praising the return of The Great Pumpkin.

Yet here we are in July, talking about stuff we shouldn't rightfully be seeing for at least another month. And I am not complaining one single bit! Christmas has been creeping into Halloween territory for years now. It only seems fitting that we bump the unholiest of holidays up to compensate.

Stay tuned, folks. I have a feeling that this years Halloween Countdown is going to be starting sooner than ever!


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    1. I'm thinking that I'll be switching the website to its Halloween theme here very shortly too. =)


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