Screme Egg Returns!

Halloween Candy 2013
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I was unpacking truck at work the other day and tucked away in between a bunch of other boring junk was this creepy little gem. The Cadbury Screme Egg has made its triumphant return to store shelves!

Screme Egg's made there horrific debut in 2012 and I am quite glad to see them returning again this season. It was one of my favorite pieces of candy from last Halloween, even if its just a traditional Cadbury Egg re-skinned for the Halloween Season. It has green slime colored frosting lurking inside a chocolate egg shell. That's kind of a big deal!

If you want a more detailed review of them, I suggest checking out this piece from last years Halloween Countdown. It should help indulge your sweet tooth just a bit and start to get your Halloween blood boiling.

Perhaps more importantly than the actual Screme Egg itself is what this box represents. Folks, this is full fledged Halloween Candy in July. Not a generic bag of candy corn. Not some mixed container of suckers and sweets in an orange package. This is the real deal. I'm calling it now... Screme Eggs mark the official return of the Halloween Countdown! 

Summer has already overstayed its welcome. I say we usher it out as quickly as possible. I'm tired of hot weather and stupid insects. Give me cool fall nights and horror movies. That sounds like bliss compared to dumb-old July.

Keep your eyes peeled everyone. The Screme Egg is just the beginning. The good stuff... the new stuff... is bound to be just around the corner. The Halloween Season waits. It's ready to pounce. I can just feel it.

And I'm excited!

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