Kool-Aid Liquid ... Part One !

Hello faithful readers, all nine of you. Welcome to the month of July! Smack dab in the middle of the 2013 Summer Season. The days have grown longer, hotter, and filled with thousands of insects waiting to suck your blood and leave little itchy red dots. I hate the month of July!

I don't like the weather. I don't like the bugs. Children basically annoy me. And the best part of the month (fireworks) happens within the first four days. Leaving the rest of July crappy and annoying.

Liquid Kool-Aid
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Thankfully we have the Kool-Aid Man to help us get through this rough stretch of bullshit. And this time he is coming to us sans the traditional powdered way and in a brand new spiffy liquid format.

Competition is much more fierce here in 2013 than it was during Kool-Aid's inception in 1927. Back then powdered shit that you mixed with water was pretty high tech business.  These days nobody really wants to spend the time to make a gallon of Kool-Aid. We want something quick. Portable. And easily smuggled into theaters and such.

Kool-Aid Liquid fills this void. Coming to us in four very traditional flavors, Orange, Cherry, Grape, and Tropical Punch. I've officially got enough of this stuff on hand for the next eight years... but I sort of can take solace in knowing that no matter what happens in my life I will have, for the foreseeable future, Kool-Aid Liquid on hand.

For the rest of the month I will be periodically reviewing each flavor. I've always viewed Kool-Aid as a beverage best enjoyed during the summer months and July is probably the most "summer" of them all.

This is my way of hopefully speeding up the month of July so we can get started on with the Halloween Countdown.  Is it fall time yet?