Summer Edition Oreo's from Nabisco!

The Summer of 2013 has been a strange one. It's been unseasonably cold and extremely wet. When the rain does finally stop the temperature blasts into the 90s with humidity that will knock you flat on your face.

Yesterday I finally caved in and turned on my air conditioner. I have such a strange love affair with AC, I hate turning it on but when I finally do it turns me into a Batman villain and I have to crank it down to Mr. Freeze level temperatures.

Sitting inside with the AC blasting directly behind me really does finally make it feel like Summer Time, though. I love the fall time and especially enjoy the Christmas season but without the stark contrast that is these hot June days, I don't know if either time of year would feel quite so enjoyable.

I don't like summer... but for this reason I can appreciate what it brings to the table. It also gives me extra motivation to dive into my bag of tricks and find something that specifically relates to this moment in time. Sitting in the air. Avoiding the hot weather. Fully embraced in the Summer Season.

Oreo Cookies

This thing comes to us in the form of Summer Edition Oreo's from the fine folks at Nabisco. I can remember a time when the only variations of everyone's favorite cookie was the Halloween and Christmas kind. That was it. These days Nabisco releases so many strange offshoots of the Oreo cookie it's almost hard to tell which ones are honest-to-god real flavors and which ones are clearly just fucking with us. I refuse to believe that Berry Burst Ice Cream or Lemon Twist are actual things that people eat.

All of this might not be a big deal to you but for me it lessons the trill of finding a new version of Oreo's on the shelf when its surrounded by fifteen other 'limited edition' flavors all barking for attention. Summer Oreo's strike me as more of a return to the classic seasonal formula. This is something I can get behind.

Oreo Cookies

Bright blue Oreo's imprinted with sandcastles and vague images of the sun from Mario Brothers 3 is cause for celebration, folks. I love these cookies! Even if they are just traditional Oreo cookies with a slight color swap.

And perhaps that is why I like them. They are simple. Clean. Easy to understand. Exactly what I think of when I think of 'limited edition' items. Summer Edition Oreo's represent all of that. Is it legal to apply the word "class" to a cookie? Because I'd go so far as to call Summer Edition Oreo's classy.

Oreo Cookies

Perhaps I am overstating the importance of these stupid cookies but I really  needed them to exist. Summer 2013 hasn't had near enough dumb crap released to make it feel any different from any other generic summer season.

And I'm already to busy looking for the tale-tale signs of the coming Halloween/Christmas holidays to get really excited for whatever else Summer 2013 has in store for us. At this point I sort of just expect lots of hot weather and nonsense until its time for The Great Pumpkin to finally rise and bring about fall weather.

Having one or two 'big' items that call out to the Summer Season makes for a very nice distraction during these long hot summer months!