Fall Colors at Hobby Lobby!

Just as you can always count on Hallmark to be among the first to roll out the red carpet for the return of Santa Claus, Hobby Lobby is seemingly always ready to start raking fall leaves and bust out Halloween decorations.

The photo to your left was taken three days ago, a clear indication that Fall Colors are ready to start invading the wide world of retail in just a few short weeks.

I felt right at home standing among these scattered pumpkins and amber orange ornaments. Everything was placed so carefully on the shelf. So new and so fresh. Waiting for someone to make the first purchase of the 2013 Halloween Season.

Perhaps it would be fitting if that person was me. And I really wanted to buy something. I looked. Studied. And otherwise lounged around in this half filled isle for at least ten minutes. Lots of things jumped out at me. Like those white pumpkins towards the middle of the photo. I can think of a million and one different uses for those but not at $25 a piece.

That is the biggest downfall to early Halloween shopping. Prices are inflated to roughly three or four times what they are actually worth. Especially at Hobby Lobby, which is notorious for overcharging on items like this.

I desperately wanted to but could not in good faith buy anything... but I love the fact that I can visit this store from now until the end of October and have this little slice of the fall season ready and waiting for the season to come.