... and on the 236th day it snowed!

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Do you know the significance of the number 236? It's the exact number of days, as of Thursday, May 2nd 2013 that we have left until Christmas. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't bring up the Christmas Countdown Clock with so many days left to check off. However today is not normal circumstances. Today it snowed.

I'm not just talking about your run of the mill late night snow that doesn't amount to anything. We got roughly six inches of snowfall. The thick kind. The heavy kind. The kind that cancels school and plugs up roadways. In a perfect world this is what everyone secretly hopes for in the first few weeks of December.

Only it's not December. It's May. Just last week it was hot enough that I had to put a fan in the window. Today I had to bust back out my winter jacket as I plowed through six inches of fresh snow.

And then something strange happened. I was venturing about, enjoying my day off from work and snapping a few photos of this unique May snowstorm when I was hit with the sudden urge to make a trip to one specific store.

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Believe it or not... I somehow knew that something holiday related was waiting for me inside. I went. I searched. Up and down every isle, looking carefully at each product on the shelf until I finally found it. RENUZIT HOLIDAY AIR FRESHENER. The holiday cookie kind. Just sitting out on the front of the shelf, waiting for me to purchase it.

I found it at one of the local grocery stores. One that I frequent quite often. I've been their dozens of times since Christmas ended and trust me this air freshener hasn't been out on the shelf. Had it been I would have bought it months ago.

Yet here it is. And here the snow is. This has to be the greatest 236th day until Christmas that anyone has ever celebrated. Everyone else is bitching about the unseasonably cold and snowy weather and I'm just sitting here loving every minute of it.

I think I'll make a cup of hot chocolate and watch Charlie Brown pick out a really horrible Christmas tree tonight.