The Circle of Life

It's funny how things work. I have a small story to tell and by the time its done you'll see pictures of what I got in the mail today. Trust me, it will be worth it. Now where to start...

Like all good tales this one begins a long time ago, many versions of Internet Explorer ago. I was in my middle school years and the internet was still in the pre-google dominated period of time. Through some bit of happenstance, Ask Jeeves directed me to a destination that would soon become my home away from home. X-Entertainment

No-place near as pornographic as the title would make it seem. X-E was the destination for someone like me. Its pages filled with tributes to everything from Ecto Cooler to (my personal favorite article) The Worst Arcade in America.

In some strange sort of way, I actually grew up reading that website. It got my through the rough middle school years and then the 'actually not so bad' of time known as High School.

X-Entertainment was the driving force that motivated me to start my own blog. Years ago I hosted a very poorly designed site over on (anyone remember them?) in which I wrote horribly constructed pieces simply to make my friends laugh. It was a lot of foul language and random encounters in Yahoo Chat but someplace deep in that old site of mine was the seeds that eventually turned into The Astro Lounge.

Eventually the internet would twist and transform beyond the constructs of the old X-Entertainment website and Matt, the websites creator would shift gears towards a new slice of the internet. Dinosaur Dracula.

His new place was every bit as good as the old one and in many ways better. I love refreshing the pages over on DD and waiting for new material to arise. So when I seen the chance to own a piece of merchandise from Dinosaur Dracula. I knew that I had to have it.

It also helped that said item is a sealed Mumm-Ra figure from 1985.

Click for Larger Image!
 Arriving in the mail today, this my friends truly is the circle of life at work. The website that originally inspired me to blog in the first place has now sent me a package in the mail... which I am now writing about.

That's pretty amazing.

I promise to take good care of Mumm-Ra for ya, Matt. He has a new home, high on top of one of the (many) shelves that I own. Looking pretty good sitting amongst all my other junk. Mumm-Ra also earns bonus points for reminding me of Halloween Season every time I look at him.

So if by some off chance you happen to read this article. Thanks for the years of hard work. And double thanks for letting me own this awesome piece of Thundercats history !