A Big Halloween Pickup!

Halloween Decorations
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A couple months back one of my friends moved out of state. Not being able to take everything with him, a few items had to be left back home and (more or less) be put into storage. Among them was this big stack of Halloween Decorations.

When the time finally came to ship back the rest of what he really needed, it was sort of decided that all his old Halloween props simply wasn't worth boxing up and moving across the continental United States.

If you put two and two together you can probably figure out which direction this is all heading. When asked if I would like to have what was left over, I wasted no time with my answer... a resounding yes. Of course I would take whatever he had. I was helping out a friend and getting free Halloween Decorations at the same time. That's almost the very definition of a win-win situation.

A few days later when the horrific pile of goodies arrived in my garage I literally had no idea what to expect. It was one gigantic overfilled container that had been (not so carefully) packed with someone elses Halloween display. Let's take a closer look at what was living inside:

Halloween Decorations
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Once everything was untangled and spread out on my garage floor you can really see how good of a haul this was. A few items got slightly damaged from being mishandled during the move but only one was ruined to the point that I had to discard it. Everything else was in surprisingly good shape and easily repairable.  Here is a quick rundown of all the items pictured above:
  • -- Two large tombstones and four small tombstones (with wooden stakes)
  • -- Two drop cords, power stake, and two colored light bulbs
  • -- One small bottle of fog juice
  • -- One of those changing 'horror portraits'
  • -- Four skulls
  • -- Two large severed heads
  • -- Two gargoyle statues
  • -- Two small severed heads
  • -- One bag of misc. sized bones
  • -- One white winged hanging prop
  • -- One black hanging prop (with crossed arms)
And a few other miscellaneous things mixed in for good measure. Those two arms are from the one prop that got almost entirely destroyed. I saved them, thinking that I might find a use someplace down the line. You can never have to many skeleton zombie arms.

Getting all these items today was a great way to start off the eventual 2013 Halloween Season. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and unfortunately money to put up a display the size that I typically do. Anytime someone donates old leftover props, it really helps. Most of everything you see here will work its way into this years display. And I'm super excited to start to figure out exactly what it is that will define this years setup.

Now I just got to find a use for those skeleton zombie arms!