The Coca Cola Can of Christmas Future!

Could we be looking into the future? Holiday 2013 to be exact. If I was a betting man, and lord knows some day I will have a gambling problem, I would venture a guess that these 7.5 oz Christmas Cans from 2012 will be strikingly close to what we'll be seeing for sale come Holiday 2013.

2013 Coca Cola Holiday Can
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On the left is the Polar Bear can from 2012. That one was the mass released, readily available Christmas Can from last season. I wrote about it in detail right here but needless to say... it was a crappy rehash of a previous design that nobody liked when it was originally released in 2011.

The can on the right, that one is a bit of an enigma. It's the smaller and less popular 7.5 oz can. The kind only available in supermarkets, bound together by those plastic rings the environmentalists hate.

I didn't find the 7.5 oz can until about a week before Christmas. There was no big display, no signs marking its arrival, no indication that secretly Coca Cola had released exactly what collectors wanted all along.

It was a strange almost surreal moment. By all accounts Christmas was practically over and yet here sat perhaps the greatest gift of them all. And it came with such little fanfare that I wondered how many people would ever even appreciate its beauty.

I wanted to write about it that very night. I should have wrote about it that very night. Instead one thing lead to another and here we are in the latter part of January discussing a seasonal item that's been off store shelves for weeks now.

And even though we are only a month or so removed from the flashing lights and chaos of the Christmas season, I feel like the last thing you guys want to hear about is more seasonal items.

So I'll keep this one brief. You guys can look at the photo above and come to your own conclusions as to why these 7.5 oz cans are clearly the superior of the two designs. Instead I just want to sit here and wonder if this alternative design from 2012 is going to be what the main can design for 2013 is going to look like.

I'll let you guys know in roughly 332 days =)

... now I'm gonna go watch A Charlie Brown Christmas for the seventh time this season.