Candy Cane Peeps!

Peeps. Once exclusive to the month of March  they have slowly worked there way into just about every major holiday. If you can celebrate it, chances are there is a themed Peep to accompany it.

Fate has brought us new Candy Cane Flavored Marshmallow Peeps for 2012. And while they will not set the world ablaze like Candy Corn Oreos did earlier in the year, I think its pretty obvious that Candy Cane Peeps will be the defining item of the 2012 Christmas Season.

Christmas Peeps
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And this candy couldn't have come at a better time. Christmas is twelve days away and once again its been another unusually warm December with almost no snow. Its Christmas but only sometimes technically feels like it. We need reminders that in a couple weeks all of this jazz will be slowly but surely phased out. Replaced with the horrors of Valentines Day and other boring festivities.

Candy Cane Peeps stand as that great reminder. Telling us all to celebrate our festivities now before the holiday gods take it all away and Santa goes back into hibernation for the next eleven months.

Christmas Peeps
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Taken completely out of context, Candy Cane Peeps look remarkably like something out of an Evil Dead film. Anyone who tells me otherwise is full of it. Those red sprinkles look enough like blood splatters to have me completely convinced this is the case.

As somebody who is not that big of a fan of the traditional marshmallow Peep, I am here to tell you that these alternative candy cane flavors are good. Really, really good. Eat a whole package in one sitting good and not feel the least bit ashamed about it.

The key here is the bottom half of the peep has been dipped in a hard chocolate coating, while the top portion has been made to taste minty. The end result is basically a York Peppermint Patty shaped like a blood splattered bird. And it works on so many levels.

We have reached a point in which time is of the essence as it pertains to the holiday season. I've so many different things left that I need to do and chances are so do all of you. So while you are out finishing up that last minute holiday shopping, pick up a package of Candy Cane Peeps and try to enjoy these last few weeks we have with Santa Claus.