Monster Science Bloody Hand... Part 2

A couple weeks ago I started the slowest moving 'magical growing' item in the history of novelty toys, the Monster Science Bloody Hand. In case you missed that article, now would be the opportune time give it a read and get caught up with the festivities.

For the rest of us, we have blood pills to play around with.

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Here is the finished product. No place near the size of an actual hand but still impressive considering how tiny it originally was. I still don't understand why it took so long reach this size, though. A little over two week is an eternity for a product that is destined to get thrown into the trash five minutes after you take it out of the bucket of water you grew it in.

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Upon closer inspection I've decided that the included blood pill looks shockingly similar to those tablets that you use to dye eggs with on Easter. I wouldn't be surprised if it actually is one of those tablets.

This article keeps getting less and less interesting the more I type about it.

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For some stupid reason the blood pill was taking forever plus five to do anything. I got tried of waiting for it and snapped this photo on what I estimate to be half way through the overall process.

It's a little hard to make out all the details but trust me, you are not missing a goddamn thing. The blood pill is undoubtedly the same thing used to color Easter Eggs and all that it really seemed to do was slowly turn the water pink.

I had high hopes for the Monster Science Bloody Hand and it preformed about as well as one can expect from a throw away novelty item, but considering how long it took to get from Point A to Point B ... I got to say that this is probably one of the more disappointing things that I've covered.

Is it Christmas yet?


  1. Found you through the countdown to Halloween. Fun blog!

    1. Thank you, Vanessa! I hope you stick around after the Halloween season is over... I have lots of fun things planned for the Christmas Countdown as well!


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