Monster Science Bloody Hand... Part 1

Welcome to the month of October! And welcome to the second half of the 2012 Halloween Countdown festivities here at the Astro Lounge!

If you are just now finding the website through the Cryptkeeper's Countdown Halloween site I'd suggest catching up on the seventeen articles that I wrote during the month of September. Around these parts we celebrate Halloween for two full months!

Before we dive into the latest Halloween entry I had a strange experience I wanted to share with everyone. I was at Target last night, taking a peak at the Halloween section when I noticed the overglow of red and green flashing lights....

I think everyone has sort of accepted the fact that Christmas decorations seem to get released sooner and sooner every season, but this year my local Target has done one of the strangest things I've ever seen at a retail chain.

The Christmas area has been set up in a gigantic circular fashion around the entire outside edge of the Halloween section. And it is not just a couple early boxes of Christmas cards and a rouge strand of holiday lights, I'm talking full fledged Christmas. Trees. Ornaments. The works.

It is so strange that I actually really enjoyed just standing back and looking at it. It was like the perfect balance of both holidays, flooding into a single entity. Doing the strangest holiday dance you'll ever see.

Now, as for today's post. We are going to grow a rubber hand.

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I am going to assume that you guys know the drill with these sorts of novelty toys so I'll spare a full detailed report. Simply stick the Monster Science Bloody Hand into a bucket of water and it slowly grows to some elaborate size.

Generally speaking all you're really left with is some slimy, oversized piece of rubber that gets thrown into the trash five minutes after you take it out of water. Thankfully, Monster Science Bloody Hand has an ace up its sleeve. Perhaps you've already noticed it. This set includes a blood pill.

Details, my friends, it is all about the minor details. The inclusion of a pill labeled blood is enough to turn an item that I probably would have passed up, into something that I cannot live without.

I'm legitimately excited to grow a rubber hand.

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Never have I wanted to attempt to carry something through airport security more than the items pictured above. Can you imagine the conversations you'd have trying to explain why your walking around with a tiny rubber hand and a mysterious purple pill with the word "blood" written on the bag?

Look closely and you'll see the companies logo is stamped with the word 'amazing' across it. That's called forward thinking, because I can think of no better adjective then that to describe the process we are about to embark upon.

I should also note Monster Science currently has an entire lineup of 'grow your own' body parts available at Target. I settled upon the hand but other bodily features are available such as an eyeball, nose, and foot. Purchase them now during Halloween and give them away as stocking stuffers this Christmas. Your kids will love you for it.

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The initial size of the rubber hand is just a tad bit larger than a Lego Minifigure and is surprisingly detailed. Detail which I fully expect to be completely lost during the growing process. If this even vaguely looks like a hand by the time this is done, I'll be amazed.

As for the size, well the directions indicate that it will indeed reach the size of an actual hand. I'm cautiously optimistic about that one. If it triples in size, I'll consider this project the biggest mission accomplished since George Bush stood on that aircraft carrier and declared the war in Iraq over.

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Here is the kicker, though. A lot of these so called 'magical growing' toys take only 24 hours to reach its fullest potential. This one supposedly takes two weeks to get that size. Humph. I've never seen one that takes this long.

Good things come to those who wait and it looks like it will take until roughly October 16 for this hand to grow to full size. And then we get to use the blood pill! I cannot wait to use the blood pill...

Stay tuned...


  1. 2 weeks? What kid has that patience? LOL

    1. A very dedicated one. I had lots of these sorts of 'growing' toys as a kid and never remember one that took this long to reach its fullest size.


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