Mike & Ike Mummy's Mix!

Folks, I have an admission to make. I'm basically ready for Christmas to come. I am not sure precisely what the deal is this year but Halloween sort of feels dead to me.

Not the ironic kind of dead either, but really truly just sort of... over. I've been to every store, seen every decoration, searched for every limited edition item, and basically found everything that needs to be found.

I've amassed a pile of junk that will get us through October 31st but I cannot help to shake the feeling that this year, despite the super strong showing Halloween had in September... that 'getting us through October' is really all that we are doing at this point.

Crossed, my fingers are, that something... anything exciting will pop up between now and then to sort of rekindle my Halloween spirit. If there has ever been a time for The Great Pumpkin to rise, then that time would be now.

Which isn't to say that I won't still get excited and completely over enthused about the items I have left. I will. And its not like all the really good items have ran dry. They haven't. I just have to focus a little bit harder and remember why what we are looking at today seemed so much more exciting in early September.

2012 Halloween Candy
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Because ladies and gents, Mike and Ike Mummy's Mix really truly deserves its proper fifteen minutes of fame. And it is my civic duty to do so.

Admission Time: I've never eaten a single Mike or Ike candy prior to me writing this article. I've just never been interested in the candy and its not like our paths have never crossed before.

 I worked at a video store for five years and we sold all kinds of boxed candy, including Mike and Ikes. I managed a movie theater for two and a half years after that and the candy was available there as well. I've had opportunities but never cashed in on them until now.

Obviously the deciding factor in finally getting me to eat some is because of how great of a package design Mummy's Mix sports. Any food product sold in a predominantly black box is an instant purchase my book. Especially when it throws around such liberal usage of the color orange. This looks like Halloween and it's exciting, even if I'd probably not-so-secretly be writing about Christmas.

The other big marquee item that elevates Mummy's Mix from a good to great seasonal package is the mummy mascot on the front and back of the box. It is a really well designed mummy.

The eye in particular has me sort of mesmerized at the moment. They say the eye is the window into a persons soul and I am really intrigued with what is going on behind this characters cloth.

He looks evil, and has a nasty set of teeth to boot. Probably from eating to many Mike and Ikes.

2012 Halloween Candy
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Once you get inside the box you'll find, what I presume to be, a traditional mix of Mike and Ike candies. Far fruitier than I had anticipated but still completely enjoyable. Though honestly if I go seven years without eating another Mike or Ike candy, I'll be alright.

Am I the only person reminded of the pills from Dr. Mario by the photo above? I sure hope I cannot be the only one thinking of that right now. Which is also my subtle little hint that I've expended all the energy I can on Mike and Ike Mummy's Mix.

Buy it because its Halloween. Love it because it has a sweet looking mummy with nasty teeth on the front cover. Enjoy it while you can because soon Mummy's Mix will be off store shelves and replaced with Christmas.