M&Ms Get Spooky For Halloween!

Earlier this season I wrote about Candy Corn M&Ms, the horribly conceived variation of M&M that smelled like plastic and tasted neither like Candy nor Corn. Disgusting is the word I would use to best describe them.

The folks at Mars must have realized this months ago because for Halloween 2012 we have not one but two major releases of the popular candy currently out on store shelves.

I think we'll all agree the one we are looking at today is the superior of the two.

Halloween Candy
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Behold! If there was a costume party between all the different snack foods, these boxes of M&Ms would clearly take home the award for best dressed. You really have to give a round of applause to whoever designed them, they look so much like Halloween that I find it impossible to look at them and not suddenly feel the need to cover the entire house in fake cobweb.

These M&Ms are another of the many items that I purchased way back in early September at Target and upon seeing them I distinctly remember thinking that Halloween 2012 was going to be something special and so far... this appears to be true.

Halloween Candy
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A closer look at each package revels the crazy amount of detail that has been jammed onto the front of each box.  Up first we have the Red M&M dressed as a vampire, and he's already a more convincing looking one than any of the characters from the Twilight Saga.

The lighting was off when I took these photos so you'll have to excuse the slightly grainy look and the washed out colors, it is not doing the deep shade of purple used in the background justice. But trust me, it is the perfect shade of Halloween Purple. Maybe even the best shade of Halloween Purple to ever exist.

I think I just invented a new crayola color.

Halloween Candy
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Yellow, the traditionally dumber of the characters, can be seen here dressed as a mummy. I've never been the biggest mummy fan on the planet. Out of all the original Universal Horror Monsters, I viewed that franchise as the weakest.

I understand why they went with this design. It was easy to draw. Easy to understand. Fit the characters personality. From a marketing perspective, I get the decision. Doesn't mean I have to like it, though.

My personal point of view, they should have turned Yellow into Frankenstein's Monster. Complete with neck bolts and everything. You cannot tell me that wouldn't have been infinitely cooler than what we got here.

Halloween Candy
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Inside each box is your standard, run of the mill M&Ms. Perhaps only including the orange, yellow, and brown versions would have been a wiser choice. That really would have pushed these over the top and turned them into one of the greatest Halloween products of the season.

If the horrid Candy Corn M&Ms can get color coded for the season, then the traditional kind can ditch the blue, red, and green colors for a couple months. It would have been the perfect complement to go along with the fantastically freaky outside of each package.


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