Halloween Art Contest Update #2

Back in early September I started a 'Halloween Art Contest' and suggested that everyone take a few moments to draw something Halloweenish. You know, just for fun. The first entry was a kick-ass airbrushed piece from Tim Santoro, which you can check out here. Today, we have another very cool entry:

Click for Larger Image!
This piece is a Zbrush Sculpt done by James Tragesser, entitled "Fright Man". You can check James out online at OctoberGames.com, a website "dedicated to creating horror or Halloween themed, 3d game characters, maps, static props and much more."

Thanks for the entry, James! Remember the Halloween Art Contest will run until October 31st and entries are open to anything you'd like! You don't have to be an artist to enter either, just grab some crayons or open MS Paint and start drawing.

You can tweet any entries to @AstroLounge101 or send them to my e-mail address at kylesastrolounge@gmail.com.