Apex: a pinnacle or high point, as of a career, story, etc.

I can think of no better word than 'apex'  to describe S.L.U.G. Zombies, perhaps one of the best new toy lines to come out in years.

Scary Little Ugly Guys or S.L.U.G.'s for short are miniaturized soft plastic 'army men' style toys done up in the vein of the M.U.S.C.L.E. toy line of the 1980's. The main difference is that S.L.U.G.'s ... an acronym that I will no doubt tire of writing by articles end, are all zombified takes on different pop culture themes and characters.

In other words, awesome. It is not even October and we might have already reached the apex of the 2012 Halloween Countdown. Carve your pumpkins now and put up the Christmas Tree tomorrow. Halloween might as well be over, as it has no place to go but downhill from here.

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Oh. My. Gawd. I could sing. I could dance. I could preform black magic witch craft. All to show my undying love for this brilliant looking package. It is a cardboard coffin filled with little green monsters ready to break out from inside!

Folks, this is one of those package designs that legends are made of. I've often told stories of the gigantic action figure battles that I used to have when I was a kid. How my room was sectioned off with one side being the good guys fortress and the other half being the bad guys evil stronghold.

Without question this cardboard coffin would have been one of those things that I'd have held onto for years. Easily becoming the center piece for my action figures evil lair.

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Lurking deep inside the cardboard casket are twelve of the creepiest Scary Little Ugly Guys that you are likely to find this Halloween season. Most of them are green, two of them are pink, all of them are awesome.

Each figure comes complete with a short little biography, which we will take a look at today. As well as briefly breaking down what makes each figure so special. By the end of this piece I think you'll all agree that S.L.U.G. Zombies are one of the coolest items we'll cover this Halloween season.
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PREVIOUS JOB: Exploring the Unexplored
LIKES: Planes, Brains & Automobiles
DISLIKES: Hand Drawn Maps & Booby-Traps
FAVORITE FOOD: Anything from the Brainforest

Grim Trekker is obviously inspired by Indiana Jones and folks nothing is cooler than zombie Harrison Ford. Nothing!

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LIKES: Swords & Sandals
FAVORITE FOOD: Steamed Carrots with Mashed Meniscus

I'm not particularly fond of Maximus Cadaverous. Perhaps the idea of a Roman Gladiator would have better been suited for one of the series 'hero' figures. I'm just not a big fan of how this figure is sculpted, the design just seems a little... lackluster.

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PREVIOUS JOB: Queen of Egypt
LIKES: Crusin' The Nile... In Style
DISLIKES: Being Told What To Do By Her Mummy

I am pretty high on this figure. I quite like the way Cleopatra is styled to look like shes bursting out of something instead of doing the obligatory 'walk like an Egyptian' dance that so many Egyptian themed characters get stuck doing.

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PREVIOUS JOB: King Of The Courtyard
LIKES: Having a Killer Backhand
DISLIKES: Sweaty Headbands, Tennis Elbow, & Holes in his Racquet
FAVORITE FOOD: Fresh-Served Cerebellum

A zombie tennis player is an interested idea for a figure to begin with but what pushes this one over the top is clearly the fact that he's hold onto a brain. I cannot quite figure out why the tennis racket looks like a broken piece of glass... but that is just me being picky. After all... he's holding onto a brain!

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LIKES: Seltzer Water
DISLIKES: Bright Lights
FAVORITE FOOD: 'All You Can Eat' Dungenees Abs

I cannot quite decide if Teddy Terror is supposed to be a spoof on legendary B-Movie actor Tor Johnson or not. Either way, I do sort of have a soft spot for Teddy Terror. He's probably not the most creative or designed of the S.L.U.G. Zombies but for some reason... he just works.

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SURVIVAL SKILL: Blending in with Nature
LIKES: Weapons of Mass Destruction & Explosions Caused by those Weapons
DISLIKES: His Peripheral Vision
FAVORITE QUOTE: 'The Harder the Hunt, the Sweeter the Catch"

One of two included human figures, Captain Payback is our Rambo inspired figure. Love the way the humans have been colored pink... it is a complete call-back to the M.U.S.C.L.E. figures of old!

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PREVIOUS JOB: Point Guard for the Graveyard Ghouls
LIKES: 3pt Shots, Slam Dunkin' & Ferris Wheels
DISLIKES: Dribbling While Eating
FAVORITE FOOD: Pasta Prima-Scareya

Zombie Michael Jordan! At least he could have been if they would have used the number 23 instead of 32. Jump-Shot Rot is one of my favorite figures in the set and for obvious reasons. What is not to love about a zombie basketball player?

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LIKES: Fresh Meat
DISLIKES: Canned Foods & Dumb Waiters
FAVORITE FOOD: Large intestine Lasagna

Another of my personal favorite figures in the series, Stu B'You feels more like a Garbage Pail Kid come to life and you know what...that is exactly what I like about him! Bonus points the cooking pot with a foot sticking out of it.

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PREVIOUS JOB: Taxi Driver, Part-Time Fighter & Camp Counselor
LIKES: Cut-Off Jeans & Mousse
DISLIKES: Long Hair, Fools, & Country Music
FAVORITE FOOD: Fresh Carved Cranium

I cannot quite tell if this is supposed to be a Mr. T spoof figure or just your run of the mill professional wrestler / tough guy. Either way it seems a bit of a missed opportunity.

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SURVIVAL SKILL: Can Skin a Gator in 16 Seconds
LIKES: A Sharp Blade & Walkabouts
DISLIKES: City Folk & Cell Phones
FAVORITE QUOTE: 'He'll be Sleepin' with the Gators in no time.'

The second included human figure and another one that strikes me as just sort of average. I get that we are looking at a parody of 'Crocodile Dundee' but I would have honestly preferred a zombie Steve Irwin instead. I can pass on Gator Jones.

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PREVIOUS JOB: Boxer, Wrestler & Ultimate Tough Guy
LIKES: Collecting Stamps
DISLIKES: Small Dogs
FAVORITE FOOD: Cauliflower Ears

A cross between the Macho Man Randy Savage and the Immortal Hulk Hogan, Macho Mangler is a pretty cool figure in this set. Even if the concept was not fully realized, there is no way I can not like a figure whose favorite food is listed as Cauliflower Ears.

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PREVIOUS JOB: Mad Scientist
LIKES: Viruses, Monkeys & Mutations
DISLIKES: Modern Medicine
FAVORITE FOOD: Spine Souffle

Dr. Outbreak oozes with personality and in a series filled with awesome figures, makes his way to the very top. A cross between Bill Nye and Emmett Brown the detail in this sculpture is really quite astonishing. Everything from the bow tie to the goggles pulled up over the wild mad scientist hair is just cool!

And that will wrap up the twelve figures that came in this set. Though it is worth noting that there are multiple series of S.L.U.G. Zombies currently for sale and I believe over 100 SLUG figures have been released thus far. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are looking for more information on them, you should check out the awesome S.L.U.G. Zombie hub over on 'That Figures' for a more detailed analysis of what has been released so far!


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