Halloween Art Contest Update # 1

A couple days ago I drew you a crappy vampire and glued it to a paper plate. I then asked for your best piece of Halloween artwork in return. Let's take a look at the first submission I have received:

Sexy Vampire
Click for Larger Image!
This one comes from Tim Santoro, "Vampirella I airbrushed :)" Great job, Tim! I've gotten to know Tim through a Halloween Facebook group I run called Halloween Fanatics and as you can see... he does some excellent work with an airbrush!

The Halloween Art Contest will run until October 31st and remember, you do not have to be as talented as Tim to enter! Feel free to send me whatever crazy submissions you can think up. Draw with crayons, paintbrushes, pens or pencils. You can photoshop or spend five minutes in MS Paint. Whatever you'd like. This is completely open.

You can tweet any entries to @AstroLounge101 or send them to my e-mail address at kylesastrolounge@gmail.com ... either way I look forward to seeing what everyone can come up with!

Stay Spooky Everyone!


  1. Tim the Talented! I'll get out my crayons now.

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with =)

  2. Thank you :) the painting is all freehand and all airbrushed, lines and all, it looks warped but its not, its painted on a t-shirt and stretched on a foam board so it warped ot a little :(

    1. Very cool, Tim! Very cool. I wish I could freehand stuff like this.


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