Cadbury Screme Eggs!

I've been sitting on these Cadbury Screme Eggs for about three weeks now. They were one of the first bits of Halloween candy to be released this season and I distinctly remember flipping out over them in the store.

Unfortunately after I purchased these they somehow got lost among all the other Halloween junk that I brought home and when I found them again accidentally forgot about them until today. I meant to cover these weeks ago, back when Cadbury Eggs that leak green fluids would have seemed so much more... important.

Realizing completely that the closer we get to the unholy holiday of Halloween the more you guys want to see the bigger and stranger items released this season. I promise that stuff is coming up very shortly. In the mean time let's give these Cadbury Screme Eggs their proper fifteen minutes of fame.

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Cadbury Eggs are synonymous with Easter, first debuting all the way back in 1963 and have became a staple of the holiday ever since. You'll find the traditional Easter Cadbury Eggs each year from roughly January through the tail end of March.

Over the years Cadbury Eggs have seen all sorts of different variations and releases. There have been caramel flavored, berry flavored, peppermint, and mint Cadbury Eggs. They've been momentarily released year round before someone realized that seasonal releases was the best route to stick with.

I guess it was only inevitable that at some point, Cadbury Eggs would dawn a black foil package and play dress up for Halloween.

Screme Eggs, which is a clever yet annoying adjective to type, taste identical to your standard garden variety Easter Cadbury Eggs. Following the tired but true formula of 'if its broke don't fix it'. The only differences here are done on the cosmetic front. But man oh man does it ever impress.

Black tinfoil with purple accents and green splattered slime make this normally colorful and cheery Easter candy seem right at home in the devils holiday. It is a very nice redesign and makes an item that would be otherwise quite easy to miss stand out amongst the hundreds of other candies all vying for our attention.

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On the inside is were Screme Eggs go the extra mile and transform from a simple package upgrade to a Halloween item that truly is worthy  of a couple hundred written words.

The inside filling has been converted to look like a toxic waste dump. I approve of this decision. So many times you'll run across seasonal Halloween items that are nothing more than a simple package design. A bat here. Witch there. Product inside which is completely unaltered.

This toxic green sludge may seem like a minor alteration but trust me, sometimes it is the minor things like this which separate the bad items from the ones destined to go down in legend.

It is hard to say how big of a deal Cadbury Screme Eggs will be with the general public. I find it tough to imagine many kids loosing there shit over such a small item but I know that I really appreciate what Cadbury has created and hope that the Screme Egg will return for 2013 and beyond!


  1. I, too, believe that Cadbury made a good choice in colors. I don't believe I really like creme eggs. At least I think that's why I don't buy them. I may give these a shot though.

  2. Revolting. Keep in mind, anything done in a Halloween motif is a-okay in my book, just don't eat those. Ew, ew, ew! I would buy them just to sit as a display, the same as do with the other demon spawn candies of the season.....candy corn. Blech.

    1. Haha. I like them quite a bit but then again I enjoy the traditional Easter Cadbury Eggs.

  3. There are plenty on sale here, but then again Cadbury is British originally. On cheeky way to sell Easter eggs before Halloween: they change the colour of the yolk.


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