Summer Toys -- Ripcord Launch Action Plane

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I do not know about you guys but I could not be more ready for summer to be over than what I am right now. It's welcome has clearly been overstayed, proof by the fact that we went an entire month in which the temperature hit triple digits. It has been so uncomfortably hot outside I have not even been able to enjoy some of the fun things this time of year typically has to offer. Things like garage sales, flea markets, crappy 4th of July fireworks, and mixing up packages of Kool-Aid.

Everyone has been regulated to basically sitting inside under the AC and waiting for the heat to break. I've been taking it one step further and secretly wanting to start this years 2012 Halloween Countdown a month earlier in order to deal with being cooped up for so long.

But I still have a few pieces I want to wrap up before I dedicate the rest of the year to Halloween and Christmas. Chief among them, this poorly neglected Ripcord Launch Action Plane that I picked up all the way back in April. Summer Toys was a fun little off-shoot series that I started in which I would spend a couple thousand words dedicated to those kind of cheap kind of crappy toys that get released in early spring time and then quickly vanish from store shelves.

I really liked writing those entries and for the life of me cannot remember why I never got around to finishing this one. Considering that I just finished up Christmas in July and still have a few weeks before I have to dive into the 'Two Months of Halloween: 2012 Halloween Countdown' this seems like as good of time as any to finish this article. Be sure to click on to read about the Ripcord Launch Action Plane!

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This toy originally caught my eye because of the packages claim that it will fly up to 30 feet into the air. I was cautiously  optimistic that this would be true but even if it it was a flat out lie at least I would have fun making a demonstration video of the thing in action. I've been wanting to incorporate more video features onto this blog for quite a while now and the Ripcord Launch Action Plane presents the perfect opportunity to do so. Let's see this thing in action:

As it turns out the Ripcord Launch Action Plane works surprisingly well. Thirty feet is a pretty good rough estimate of how far it travels, I would actually imagine that if you had it on more of an open space (or shot it from an elevated location) that it could go a ways further then that.

Its funny to see how much toys have improved from when I was a kid. Sure, there are still plenty of absolute shit items that flat out lie about what they can do. But for the most part these Summer Toys have delivered on everything promised.

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The build quality is also significantly better on these newer toys than the ones I grew up with. It used to be that if you sneezed the wrong direction you'd snap one of these dollar toys clean in half. The Ripcord Launch Action Plane only cost $3.00 yet it seems sturdy enough to last on a small road trip.

Which is really an impressive and necessary quality for any Summer Toy to have. It should be able to last long enough to take on a weekend trip to the camp grounds, or a summer afternoon spent on the beach. You should be able to beat the holly hell out of these toys not feel bad for doing so. Part of the fun is taking a toy like the Ripcord Launch Action Plane and shooting it from the top of the Grand Canyon while your parents are not looking, just to see how far it will fall. Then throwing the orange plastic gun at your sister, just for good measures.

Price: 5 out of 5 -- It only cost $3.00 and it works exactly like what the box says!

Quality: 5 out of 5  -- Lots of bright colors. Love the orange color on the gun and the green on the plane. The decal stickers are usually the area that items like this fall apart but here... they work out quite well!

Package: 4 out of 5 -- Still not a fan of the weird anime looking guy on the front of the box but it makes up points by having a kick-ass flame graphic down on the bottom. I also like the way the toy is presented front and center in a nice big clear plastic bubble. Easy to open, easy to see, does not lie about what the item does. 

Replay Ability: 5 out of 5 -- The Ripcord Plane is one of those items that any self respecting kid could spend an entire afternoon with. Its not going to break and shouldn't easily get lost. 

Overall: 5 out of 5 -- This does everything I expect from a good Summer Toy!  A true 'high point' to end this series on for the year. Assuming the world does not come to an end this December, you can expect to see more toys covered in the 2013 version of Summer Toys! Thanks for reading and stay cool!


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